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Three Things Challenge, 25 July 2018

Today’s things are: snowman, family, caring I’d been off school a few days, each day of which my mum checked on me to see if I was roadworthy enough to get myself to school. My mum had a unique caring … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – December 16th 2014 – A First Trip

Photo supplied by Terry Shepherd My first trip away from the safe shores of home has taken me to this place. Standing now looking across the water my wonder extends to questions. How many adventurers sailed to this place, how … Continue reading

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Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs

Miss R lived three doors down Walked by every day Spritely was the word we used. As she aged She slowed down Until one day she stepped out Stopped by our fence Held onto the post Breathing heavily Looked momentarily … Continue reading

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Fairytale Prompt #24 – On Awakening

I awake to the chirping conversations of a million birds who in their own ways discover the frantic nature of their lives with so much information to be delivered so early in the early morning. Their cacophony is splintered by … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”

Image: Lauren Treece You lived for the past Remember when you used to say We became the family who recalls. Your skulls you gathered around you Clung like a limpet to each of them. You imagined past glories Espoused feats … Continue reading

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SoCS August 30/14

This weeks prompt is: young, old, or anything to do with age.   It sucks getting old. You want to do what you once could and you still believe you can but your body has other ideas, usually sedentary ones. … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #23 “The Underground Railroad”

It is to be tonight. They said there was a chance. For me it is a mystery what this chance is. I was born into slavery. I knew no different but throughout my short life I had been told stories … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #23 “Lunchbox” – Dear Aunt

Image: Angela Elliot Uncle Max was proud of the photo He called it ‘The Lunchbox of Treasures.’ Innocence captured in three poses. What happened to your childhood? Was it him who bulldozed you Into rebellion? Disowned. The shame of hidden … Continue reading

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Prompt #69 “A Dream Come True?” – Alison

Alison remembered vividly her father coming home from work and saying quite clearly to her that meticulousness was a virtue one that would hold her in good stead all of her life. She remembered the day, as it was the … Continue reading

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SoCS August 23/14

Begin with a preposition….. At the third tone it will be…….I listened to this endless times when I was growing up, why? No idea, I think I was intrigued with the notion that a person spoke those lines ad nausea. … Continue reading

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