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Twittering Tale #39 – 4 July 2017

 I’ve bits not functioning as designed I’m falling apart grey and decrepit. Once I could run for buses, No more. I sit watch and await, a miracle. (140 Characters) Written for: https://katmyrman.com/2017/07/04/twittering_tale-39-4_july_2017/

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Poetics: Passion of Brooke Shaden

Image by Brooke Shaden: ‘we are infinite.’ Echoes of 70’s music Carly Simon and others Good times Long gone Distant fading memory. More recently Doors slamming Questions asked Was I crazy? You lunatic. Promises of love Committed to the now … Continue reading

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Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs

Miss R lived three doors down Walked by every day Spritely was the word we used. As she aged She slowed down Until one day she stepped out Stopped by our fence Held onto the post Breathing heavily Looked momentarily … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #25- The Night Before – Remembering

It was the night before…….what he wasn’t sure of but it was one of those nights where he lay in his bed trying to understand his current agitation. He knew there would be small feet. Small feet that would run … Continue reading

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Poetics–Bringing Light to Darkness

Darkness lasted five years Interspersed with moments Of lucidity Laughter Conversation But the shadow lingered. Mortality is a shock We don’t live forever Even though we think we can, There is an end. A month of signposts Only one place … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday

The prompt this week is: the prefix, re- Thinking about this prompt there are of course of lot of words in our vernacular with the prefix ‘re’. Return comes to mind. Every year in October my birthday returns as does … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #24 – Parabole – Kenny

I was an indulged child. Spoilt rotten you might say. When I was four my parents won the lottery. From then on we had everything that opened and shut and more. As the only child in my family I never … Continue reading

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SoCS August 30/14

This weeks prompt is: young, old, or anything to do with age.   It sucks getting old. You want to do what you once could and you still believe you can but your body has other ideas, usually sedentary ones. … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #23 “Lunchbox” – Dear Aunt

Image: Angela Elliot Uncle Max was proud of the photo He called it ‘The Lunchbox of Treasures.’ Innocence captured in three poses. What happened to your childhood? Was it him who bulldozed you Into rebellion? Disowned. The shame of hidden … Continue reading

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Poem 8

  when I was small merely a child I could walk in safety on concrete paths simple things would fit my tiny hands a walk to the shop was a norm with threepence knotted in the corner of a hanky. … Continue reading

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