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Mondays Finish the Story – April 13th, 2015 – Great Uncle Henry

Finish the story begins with: “The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.” Then again they were never happy about most things like trimming my edges and pruning the roses. But it was the erection of the … Continue reading

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Creative Expressions #14: Caribbean Island – Weekend Away

It was the weekend of the finals of the World Cricket Cup and my family were making our pilgrimage to Cricket Island to watch our team, The West Indies in their struggle against New Zealand. On the Island behind the … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #28 “Climbing the Walls”

It’s the ringing The constant ringing They are at me Day and night I wanna, wanna, wanna Can I, Can I, Can I He hit me She poked me He looked at me She kicked me. Did I sign up … Continue reading

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Wordle #28

This weeks words to play with are: Pivotal Mermaid Bedlam Blast Conveyor Chromium Plethora Cinnamon Vortex Kitchen Reception,Vaseline Many people have thought that producing children at my place was a sort of conveyor belt of an activity, but let me … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #27 “Milking the Moon” – Moon Milk Elixir

Image: Christian Schloe My Uncle Albert made a fortune from milking the moon. All for his own benefit I must add. As each full moon would approach Albert would call a town meeting and pontificate about the evils that could … Continue reading

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