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Sunday Writing Prompt, May 23/21 – Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

What happened started off so innocently. We were kids, we played, we made fun of the old neighbours, especially the weird and wacky ones. We picked on old Mrs Kelty. We kids thought she was a witch and so we … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #132 – Crisp and the Grassy Knoll

Crisp, my aged companion startled me when she made the claim it reminded her of the grassy knoll. “I was there you know,” she said, “I saw who did it but no one believed me. I was very young at … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt – Great Balls of Fire

When it happened, it astounded everyone. Not again was the cry around the room. Poor Cousin Harry had gone up in a ball of fire. It wasn’t until Harry’s dust was cleared away that the talk turned to “Have we … Continue reading

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I don’t seem to have a poetic word left in me. Its disturbing for I thought I could find one When the urge took me that way. I’ve discovered there’s no point fighting it After all if its not there, … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #130 – Windy Day

It was a particularly windy day. My aged companion, Crisp, was having trouble keeping her hat on. Added to that her skirt kept blowing up so she was having a devil of a time holding one on and keeping one … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt, April 25/21- Define Insanity – Brain Fever

 As it had been raining for the past week, Lester had decided that enough was enough. After all, the rain prevented him from going outside, and it was outside that Lester liked to be. He was an optimist, and he … Continue reading

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