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Poem 73

When a fool cries he is a laughing stock. When a  fool cries Integrity  is gone. When a fool cries Credibility is shot. When a fool cries Realisation hits home. When a fool cries We say we saw it coming. … Continue reading

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Tackas’ New Year Resolution

I’m telling Clancy there’s gonna have to be a feckin change I tell ya. Why is that Tackas? Cause I realised that last year I was feckin shite You were not. I am I’m feckin tellin’ ya Clancy and I’m … Continue reading

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Poem 72

What a Psychopath Sees. Tell them you bumped your head on the door, You probably deserved it anyway. Teach you to cross me I’ve told you before I like my dinner hot, It’s not my fault your face Keeps hitting … Continue reading

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Carstairs and Technology

Carstairs? Carstairs can you hear me? Yes Sir. Can you tell me anything yet? What would you like to know Sir? The enemy Carstairs, can you see the enemy? No  sir? What do you mean no? I mean no Sir, … Continue reading

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Poem 71

I awake as the dawn breaks to a kookaburra chorus. Their vocally uplifting cry Heralds the rising sun. Loudly they proclaim Their territory. Uttering a laugh that echoes Across my neighbourhood. I lie in my bed listening to this Aria, … Continue reading

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Prompt 36 – Virtue

Humility. He said he was just doing his job. He loved what he did. He loved the interaction The creativity, The laughter, The performance. Thanks post session Made him feel Worthwhile. Looks of expectation On entering his sanctum, The play, … Continue reading

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Poem 70

You are often with me When I’m sitting in bed. Our topics The simpliest things. The weather Life Kids The why The what fore. Some days we argue Points of , ‘This isn’t clear.’ ‘Rewrite’ ‘Oh I see’. Most days … Continue reading

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Poem 69

Travel safely friend It’s a long way home, Be careful, Not everyone will drive like you. I shall breath a sigh of relief When I know you are safely home. It’s the time of year When people travel Far and … Continue reading

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Poem 68

She said talk to me. Tell me the secrets you hide. Why? I asked Because then I’ll begin to know you. But isn’t this enough No never. I wont tire of you. But you may not like what you hear. … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – Saw The Light

There was one thing I loved about her more than anything. It was her ability to show me the way when my life was going down the gurgler. So many times I had found myself in the gutter of life … Continue reading

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