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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 50

When my marriage ended, it was not a pretty sight. My wife never saw it coming. She thought she had me so trapped there was nowhere for me to go. Marriage was not about bliss and joy it was about … Continue reading

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Music Prompt #9: “Liability” by Lorde #amwriting #music #musicchallenge

Image: Google Images labelled for re-use. It was the way she dressed You could have guessed it was a cry For help for attention, who knows what went on in her mind. The little girl in the loud clothes Ever … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of December 13, 2016 – Dark and Dingy Folk

It was a dark and dingy street inhabited by dark and dingy people. Each house held its own dark and dingy secret. Each dark and dingy person held their respective secret closely to their chest. They knew what they had … Continue reading

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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 25 – Breakfast Aerobics

Today’s prompt, write an exercise poem. She loved the breakfast aerobics class The gossip in particular. She had all the right gear The shoes, the blue and white lycra The initialled mat for those yoga mornings. At first she worked … Continue reading

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Moral Mondays: “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” – Uncle Joe

My Uncle Joe was a waster. He disappeared one day after an argument with his dad. Never heard of again we all wondered what happened to Uncle Joe. My dad would take me to the park to wander around among … Continue reading

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Music Friday Prompt #15 “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright – Three Daughters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkI-07rzEnA First one born into a world that was so certain Where I thought this baby thing would be easy But you didn’t read the memo You led me up a path of discovery Wonder and at times utter frustration … Continue reading

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“Words to Write By” Prompt #9 The Preacher

This week’s words: impunity preacher grim evocative conspire clinch eastward humanely charcoal doorstep The preacher had awoken early and as it was Sunday he had much to do before his first service of the morning. His bedroom faced an eastward … Continue reading

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SoCS February 21/15 – relative/relativity

This week’s prompt: “relative/relativity”.   ‘Its all relative.’ I hear it all the time. Usually in relation to some sort of disaster in my life or someone else’s. Then again I do have relatives. Relos we refer to them as. … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #93 – Goya* – Hard Work and Prayer

My Grandfather was a remote type of man. It was not often he was willing to discuss anything with me despite my constant pestering. He told me one tale that has always fascinated me. When he was a small boy … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #33 “Endless Walk”

Image: Matilda Emgård My mother looks across the table You what? I want to be a model. My dear girl are you serious? Yes mother, why not? Your legs are sticks my dear girl. You look awkward in heels Your … Continue reading

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