“Words to Write By” Prompt #9 The Preacher


This week’s words: impunity preacher grim evocative conspire clinch eastward humanely charcoal doorstep

The preacher had awoken early and as it was Sunday he had much to do before his first service of the morning.

His bedroom faced an eastward direction and on this particular morning the sun flowed in providing welcome warmth against the winter chill.

On his doorstep he found his morning milk and happy with that he proceeded to make his breakfast. Sundays were always a long day with services in his local church and this week he travelled to the outskirts of the region to conduct an evening service.

He didn’t like the evening service as the church he had to go to was far to progressive for his tastes. The church community didn’t want his fire and brimstone sermons, they wanted to sing and dance and their brand of service to him was evocative and he foresaw a grim future for this religious community who only needed him to consecrate the hosts. Their abandonment of ritual and their acting with religious impunity to a brand of church that to him was sinful only made him shudder at the thought of going out there.

He was sure they were conspiring to have him removed but there was no one else as preachers were a dying species. The nearest preacher was a four-hour drive away.

He was hopeful that a deal could be clinched with them and he wanted as humanly as possible to be a better source of guidance to them, though he doubted that as they tended to dismiss him at the end of each service as if he had served his purpose and they no longer needed him.

His tea had cooled in his cup and looking at the fire noticed the charcoals were no longer glowing. It was time to begin his day.

Written for: https://therattlingbones.wordpress.com/2015/06/11/words-to-write-by-prompt-9/

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4 Responses to “Words to Write By” Prompt #9 The Preacher

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    great story, Michael 🙂 those old time preachers really are a dying breed… mega churches have become the norm now…

    • Yes though I don’t mind so much that the old fire and brimstone sort are disappearing, I don’t think they did much for religion other than scare people and I don’t think that was Christ’s intention at any rate….

      • loricarlson66 says:

        *nods* I know they terrified me as a child… I enjoy some of the newer preachers out today… so long as they don’t condemn my own spiritual path, I am okay with them

  2. phylor says:

    Excellent character of the end of a long tradition — especially in the Evangelical churches.
    People once wanted fire and brimstone as it resonated in their lives. Those who hold the Christian spiritually will gravitate towards the church that best speaks to them.
    In the US, Evangelical churches are on the rise. There could be some fire and brimstone there.
    I do like a fiery passionate preacher if he or she holds back on the brimstone

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