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Wordle Prompt # 43 – 12 January 2015 – Scarecrow

This weeks fun words: Padlock Glamour Ditch Perversity Fade Affinity Parallel Desticate (to squeak like a rat) Jagged Scarecrow Hungry Currant (a small seedless raisin) Scarecrow looked across the table at me. We hadn’t seen each other in twenty years … Continue reading

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SoCS January 3/15 – The Letter ‘T’

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions This week’s prompt is the letter “t” Cup of tea? Sorry haven’t the time. Tennis? I’m far too traumatised to think of anything so trivial. My apologies if I am taking things too lightly. … Continue reading

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D’verse – On Nonsense, Narrative and Neologisms – or The Noble Art of Telling Tall Tales

I have a cactus in my garden It’s phallic to say the least As if possessing The power of an aphrodisiac, Though none have tried it out. It’s called the penis cactus (Causes every one to smile) You can clearly … Continue reading

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Tackas’ New Year Resolution

I’m telling Clancy there’s gonna have to be a feckin change I tell ya. Why is that Tackas? Cause I realised that last year I was feckin shite You were not. I am I’m feckin tellin’ ya Clancy and I’m … Continue reading

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Being Catholic

The setting is a kitchen. One man is sitting at the table. A second person enters. (If you imagine each speaker with an Irish accent it does add to the humour) So there you are then. It was a long … Continue reading

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