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Being Catholic

The setting is a kitchen. One man is sitting at the table. A second person enters. (If you imagine each speaker with an Irish accent it does add to the humour) So there you are then. It was a long … Continue reading

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Haibun Haiku – The Goat’s Whinge

What the hell are you looking at? You think I like this? I’m stuck. Bloody horns are locked on the wrong side of the fence. So much for the grass being greener. These horns may look impressive but they’re a … Continue reading

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Ligo Haibun Challenge – Consensus

I watch them gather on the cold frozen wastes In community, attentive to each others demands Always protective, nurturing, caring. A meeting in progress The affairs of state Decisions to be made Consensus reached They bow, acquiesce I watch in … Continue reading

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Stepping into Your Mind

Image used with permission I step into your mind It’s like peak hour. Cars, trucks, hustle, bustle                                    Why am I here? Noise deafening Flashing lights,                                                      Why am I here? Eat, stop, buy, sell. Sound is … Continue reading

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I Wanna Go Home

(Character enters carrying an old teddy bear. She sits it on a seat. She looks at the audience. She appears to whisper into the bear’s ear. She then moves to sit beside the bear and look at the audience.) It’s … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – Precious Bits

Augustus Schafer ran the Central Precious Bits outlet. His days he knew were coming to an end. His doctor had warned him. He had become wayward in recent days. Precious bits were found left on the counter while he went … Continue reading

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Alastairs Photo Fiction – The Letter Opener

Carstairs how many knives are there in the collection? Four Sir Four? Yes Sir, four. Carstairs, how many can you actually see? Three Sir. Three. You see the discrepancy? Yes Sir, one is missing. Well spotted Carstairs. I’m very astute … Continue reading

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The Last Chance Medical Centre

If you were unfortunate enough to be referred to the Last Chance Medical Centre you couldn’t help but be intrigued by the irony of the name and the luxurious foyer of the centre. Five star to say the least. The … Continue reading

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There are two prompts for this weeks haibun/haiku challenge. I have entered one already, illusion, and I felt compelled to try my hand at the other, Ecstasy. Now I am here, Linked, connected, At one with you. I long for … Continue reading

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Trifextra Challenge – Bedtime Story

At bedtime fairies gathered around my bed to lull me to sleep with lullabies and stories of wonder and truth. Sleep they crooned, sleep little one, Tomorrow is an amazing day.  

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