The Last Chance Medical Centre


If you were unfortunate enough to be referred to the Last Chance Medical Centre you couldn’t help but be intrigued by the irony of the name and the luxurious foyer of the centre.

Five star to say the least.

The owners had put a lot of emphasis on making the place look special for those people who had not much to look forward to in life, other than pain and death.

The receptionist greeted you with amazing courtesy doing all she could to make you feel welcome.

Why anyone would want to feel welcome in a place where death was a daily, if not hourly process was beyond most people.

Patients wanted to be shown a room, left to their own devices to decide what course of action they might take as the staff administered to them.

There weren’t a lot of options when it came down to it. It was either make the best of your time that was left or fight your disease and the staff and anyone else who trespassed on your misery.

By the time you had been referred to the Centre you were beyond help so to speak. But that didn’t mean people gave up. Rather some fought tooth and nail to maintain a lifestyle that gave them the best quality of life.

Others were determined to put up a brave front in the face of their distressed relatives. For those people the upset they saw in their loved ones eyes was often too much to endure. They knew that before long they wouldn’t be able to fight any longer but in their heads as long as you were breathing and aware of it you stood a chance of normalcy.


At ten twenty a man entered the foyer and approached the desk.

He was an elderly man and he carried no bag.

He was to book in but he anticipated he would be leaving soon enough, vertical was his preferred means.

He had been offered an opportunity to partake in Dr Yang’s controversial treatment.

Being an optimist the man grabbed the opportunity to curtail the inevitable if only for a time.

The treatment he was told would take a day and a half. A short stay and then home.

Booking in he noticed the receptionist looking doubtful over the mans application form.

But he refused to buy into any discussion. Instead his mind remained focused on the upcoming treatment.

The man was taken into a room and given a hospital gown.

Changing he prepared to meet the Dr he was going to place a lot of trust in.

A small Asian man entered and introduced himself.

He explained the procedure to the man and left him to make a final decision.

The man looked ahead; always he told himself he had to look ahead. There was much to live for he decided. A love he had never before experienced was out there expecting his return.

That alone firmed his resolve.


In the middle of the night the woman heard her front door open and footsteps on the stairs.

He’s back she thought, back with me again.

With great expectation she waited.

The bed she fluffed, his favourite book she lay ready beside the bed.

‘You’re home,’ she said.


‘All went well?’


‘Good. Now we can be together.’


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7 Responses to The Last Chance Medical Centre

  1. Anja says:

    Very touching!

  2. I wonder what procedure? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so inquisitive. 🙂

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