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Twittering Tales #6 – 30 November 2016

It can’t be a chardonnay, its red. No it’s a new grape variety, red wine chardonnay. Taste it and see. Well its different. Hmm you got any more? (140 characters) Thanks for the link to the counter, it makes it … Continue reading

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The Origins of Miss Marble, Marble Juice and Galactic Dust

Last week’s Tale Weaver was a piece I wrote about Miss Marble and the aliens. At the end, I mentioned galactic dust and following some queries as to what the dust was I have written the following which may shed … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge – Week of November 29, 2016 – My Sister

Image: thanks to Louise at ‘The Storyteller’s Abode”. My sister was a snob there was no two ways about it. She looked down her nose at everyone. It was mother’s fault. As my sister’s role model, a haughtier woman, you’d … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday – Free for All – On Waking

Its early and outside its cold as I can see the wind bending the branches on the silky oak outside our window. I look across and you are sleeping still. Your face is at peace after the frantic nature of … Continue reading

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Wordle #131 “November 28th, 2016” – Her Stelliferous Face

This week’s words: Grip Wave Penny Dreadful (a cheap, sensational novel of adventure, crime, or violence; dime novel.) Sedate Stelliferous (Having or abounding with stars.) Episode Plasma Slight Reference Moribund (In a dying state; near death. On the verge of extinction … Continue reading

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A morning with three of my grandsons.

Three of my grandsons are Jack aged 4, William aged 3 and Beau aged 2. Last Saturday morning I was on small boy duty as their mother went off on a Christmas shopping trip. It was a series of adventures … Continue reading

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Microfiction challenge #24: Moonlit night

Image: Iliya Repin Lady Grace often walked out at night. On moonlit nights you’d see her walking towards the Manor brook her hound Felix by her side. Lady Grace stood before the brook, her hands clenched as she looked into … Continue reading

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