SoCS Nov. 26/16 – pretty


It was pretty clear that pretty soon trouble would eventuate and then there was no telling the pickle he would find himself in.

It was always a disappointment thinking of such things considering the pretty person he was in a very non-feminine non-pretty way.

Nature can be like that, produce what so many see as a pretty baby only to find that pretty well soon that pretty baby doesn’t turn out to be a pretty woman or in his case it turned the pretty into the ugly.

But as his mum used to say pretty is in the eye of the beholder and she had always beheld a pretty boy. You had to love his mum for her pretty well consistent optimism.

But as fate would have it his prettiness served pretty well much like a magnet. The bad found an ally in him, the ugly found a friend and pretty well soon he had attracted a flock around him of pretty well most of the undesirable non-pretties in town.

The irony of their gang name never failed to amuse me: “The Pretty Boys”. They even adopted a logo, a uniform with “The Pretty Boys” embroidered on the back and when riding the main street on their pretty motorbikes wearing their hot pink helmets they did cut a pretty fine sight. After all there weren’t many bikie gangs sporting a pretty pink denim jacket with their logo emblazoned beside a pretty pink rose.


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