Microfiction challenge #24: Moonlit night


Image: Iliya Repin

Lady Grace often walked out at night. On moonlit nights you’d see her walking towards the Manor brook her hound Felix by her side.

Lady Grace stood before the brook, her hands clenched as she looked into the gurgling stream. We knew where her mind was. He hadn’t returned as he’d promised. He had been a reliable man.

Felix would lie at her feet, he as puzzled as we all were wondering why his mistress entertained such troubling thoughts.

We were not allowed too close to her for fear of waking her. Her sleep walking was concerning. Occasionally she would call across the brook. His name would echo through the night, the silent response the most haunting of all.

Then she would gather her skirts and return along the same well worn path. It had been six months and all hope among the staff had dwindled to a lost hope.

In her room she would change into her sleep attire, lay down and sleep till morning. Felix asleep beside her bed. Staff would clean her boots of the mud from the brook and not a word was spoken to her of her nocturnal vigil.

Lady Grace often walked out at night. Called his name, waited, bowed her head to the inevitable, resigned to being alone one more day.


Written for: https://janedougherty.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/microfiction-challenge-24-moonlit-night/


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27 Responses to Microfiction challenge #24: Moonlit night

  1. Michael I really enjoyed this piece. A sadness envelopes, well written.

  2. Oh so sad, and beautifully written Michael.

  3. Sleep walking is an idea that didn’t occur to me. Well done 🙂

  4. ellenbest24 says:

    Beautiful realy could feel her the sadness was palpable. tiny nit you have “worm” instead of worn.
    thank you for this A blooming good read.

  5. Lynn Love says:

    I loved the sleep walking twist too, something I hadn’t thought of, but with her downturned head I can see why you did. Lovely story and well told.

  6. Sleep walking is a good twist to the story which is Kleenex-worthy as you might have guessed.

  7. mandibelle16 says:

    Such a heartbreaking piece. More so because she does this “sleepwalking” and isn’t conscious of her midnight journey. So sad, that man who left her, didn’t care enough to stay. Great write Michael!

  8. Lyn says:

    Wonderfully written Michael 🙂

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  10. merrildsmith says:

    Nicely done. I like the idea of sleepwalking–it’s an interesting twist. I wonder if the man will return and what happened to him?

  11. memadtwo says:

    Much to ponder. (K)

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