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Poem 36

Once Upon a Time Goblins – Children’s tale the children gathered in expectation the celebration was about to begin. the fairies flittered about to one side. the goblins at the head of the table muttered amongst themselves casting glances at … Continue reading

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Poem 35

Words are puzzles tentative strokes beginning a flurry a flourish a finality if only. edit rewrite. a shape emerges random ideas contained in clumsy letters. A meaning to the mind who conjures. I struggle to extract meanings that contain truth. … Continue reading

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Poem 34

Banter, so aimless Directed So anal, yet divergent What can be done to quench the boredom? Screen, words, lines and rhymes What to do when purpose disappears When all you have to resort to Is an exchange of thoughts, Filling … Continue reading

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Terza Rima Sonnet and Challenge – Struggle

Last of summer’s haze bathes the streets in light Scintillating gold upon the worn stone It’s only me under the stars tonight   I traverse these shadowy roads alone Alas the sun rests on the ebbing tide Illuminating what my … Continue reading

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Prompt 27 – Curse

I have a curse. An inherited one, passed down from my mother to me. It was her undoing at an early age, at a time when medical science didn’t know what they know today. I do not plan to go … Continue reading

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Ligo Haibun Challenge – Memorial

My chosen prompt for this week is: “And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.” ― George Carlin. It should never have happened this way. We are standing at the spot where … Continue reading

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Trifextra: Week Ninety-One – It’s Among the Leaves

I sense it as I sip. My lips brush past it. The most sinister of beasts. It’s watching. Its claws at the ready Momentarily I pause. Its there, below, among the leaves.

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Poem 33

I played with you tempted you not up the garden path but into the vastness of your intellect willingly you played the game added, not detracted we created we evolved words that made sense engaged us for that is the … Continue reading

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Poem 32

As far as the eye could see the pelts were stretched out like washing on a line drying in the hot summer sun.   Soon they would be collected carried off to the tanners then to a factory in Asia … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – Why?

I remember coming home and finding my house ransacked. I didn’t mind that my money was stolen, that the some intruder had violated my place. What I couldn’t and still can’t stomach is the wanton destruction of my keyboard. I … Continue reading

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