Poem 36


Once Upon a Time Goblins – Children’s tale

the children gathered in expectation

the celebration was about to begin.

the fairies flittered about to one side.
the goblins at the head of the table

muttered amongst themselves

casting glances at the children

not one of them benevolent.

as the elves began their welcome dance

to the cries of joy from every child.
they danced in circles,

leapt across the tables

skipped amongst the goblins scattering their magic dust

the fairies were soon as one with the elves

a dance spectacular in progress.

the children aghast at the pageant before them.

as if on cue the mass of fairy people moved

first in circles, then an oval,

the fairies and elves danced together

the enchanted dust rose from the floor

materialising as rose petals of the most exquisite red.

while the children were mesmerised

the spell was weaved and they too began to dance

first with the fairies, then the elves and last of all the goblins who looked lasciviously at them, licking their lips, as if savouring an up and coming meal.

only to be thwarted by

the magic rabbit

who roared his disgust

stopping all in their tracks.

then fronting the cowering goblins

he cast them down

send them spiraling into the never world abyss

for the cross over of species is forbidden in the land of fairies, elves, and once upon a time goblins.



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11 Responses to Poem 36

  1. Cool! yay for the rabbit!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Anja says:

    Very enchanting…..always have to love a piece of writing with fairies.

  3. Magic nasty rabbit perhaps it seems.

  4. I’ve not tried a poem about fairies and the like – I fear I would make it ‘twee’. You however, have the knack. Whilst I am destined to either walk the dark side, or the amusing side, in my relatively rare lighter writing moments. Love the magic rabbit 🙂

    • Thanks Freya, its a matter of where your head is at any given time. I may not write anything like this for some time, the next few poems are all very different, but I do see a similar style about them. Writing is about exploring what you can do. Sometimes they work better than others.

  5. RoSy says:

    That’s quite a tale!
    Love the visuals on this piece. Lots of magical happenings.

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