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Hump Day Poetry – Week 14 – Tedium

Why does lunchtime Wednesday Alter my thoughts from work to the weekend? I stay focused until that time. I then wander into fantasyland The weekend prospects of party Of relaxing, of friends, of dinners. By rights I should stay on … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – December 16th 2014 – A First Trip

Photo supplied by Terry Shepherd My first trip away from the safe shores of home has taken me to this place. Standing now looking across the water my wonder extends to questions. How many adventurers sailed to this place, how … Continue reading

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Meeting the Bar ~ I’ve Got a Little List – Shopping

Across the breakfast table She winks, smiles, snarls An impish grin Got the list? Waving it in the air I read: Eggs, ham, butter A packet of beans, Ice-cream, 6 titbats. What are titbats? To play tit with? She laughs … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – October 21st 2014 – Woman and Child

Image by Anja Partin The mother and child looked at me across the wasteland between them and me. The autumn leaves swirled around her ankles, the child cling desperately to her mother. The mothers bare feet shuffle amount the leaves, … Continue reading

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SoCS October 18/14 – The Shape of Things

This weeks prompt is: Shape It was they said the shape of things. Hotter days, colder nights. Humbug we all said. It had always been hot in summer and cold in winter. Where we lived was like that every year. … Continue reading

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Wordle #30 – A Walk in the Park.

This weeks words were: Cadence Maverick Nimble Turf Initials Pathology Waxen March Eel Vise Goad Hew   It was the cadence of her voice that drew my attention. The sort of shrill that made you think she lived most of … Continue reading

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Wordle #29 – The Scriptwriter

This weeks words to play with: Burnish (polish, brighten) Drivel (foolish talk) Theatre Limp Stamp Sciamachy (an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy) Vulnerability Fountain Shame Patient Ancestral Stare ‘This script Johnny is drivel!’ If … Continue reading

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Poem 132 – I Wanted to Write a Poem Today.

I wanted to write a poem today But no words came Not a one. As if my muses were on holiday Moved out Needed a break. Sit and ponder though I Of metaphors and figures of speech Twist words into … Continue reading

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Wordle #26 – Uncle Harry

This weeks words to work with were: Vantage Insipid (without distinctive, interesting qualities) Collar Spit Captivity Adrenalin Predicate (to proclaim, assert) Shield Colossus Scratch Mercury Evaporate My Uncle Harry was on the outside most insipid of men. In many ways … Continue reading

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Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs

Miss R lived three doors down Walked by every day Spritely was the word we used. As she aged She slowed down Until one day she stepped out Stopped by our fence Held onto the post Breathing heavily Looked momentarily … Continue reading

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