Hump Day Poetry – Week 14 – Tedium


Why does lunchtime Wednesday

Alter my thoughts from work to the weekend?

I stay focused until that time.

I then wander into fantasyland

The weekend prospects of party

Of relaxing, of friends, of dinners.

By rights I should stay on task until Friday

Then allow my mind to meander through

Fields of fun, excitement and adventure.

Instead the humdrum, the back and forth

Of tedium rules my life.

Acquiring a piece of paper

After years of study saying qualified

Has me isolated in this cubicle

Shut off from the world

Surrounded by people who care not

If I like red or green.

It’s a dead, dull and boring

But it pays the rent,

Affords me a reasonable lifestyle

But is killing me inside.


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4 Responses to Hump Day Poetry – Week 14 – Tedium

  1. Olga says:

    Hmm! That’s why when I retired 3 years ago, I eventually came to a point of relief and eventually joy that all that work stuff was behind me. “Surrounded by people who care not” is only existence and as you say, pays the bills and not much more.

  2. Lori Carlson says:

    Reblogged this on A Whispered Wind and commented:
    Such a powerful poem that I am sure many can relate to.. that last line… WOW!
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