Tale Weaver #65 – The Old House


The old house has been at 39 Gortage Street, a long time. It has had many owners over the years and has not remained in anyone’s family for long.

There was something about the house that put people off staying very long.

It could have been the strange noises heard at night. It could have been the paint peeling from the walls for no apparent reason. Or it could have been that inside it tended to change it’s dimensions.

You see you could go to bed at night in your bedroom and awaken the next morning in the garden, in your bed and never once feel any movement.

It did cause some anxiety that such things happened, one night Mr Cassidy fell asleep in the bath to awaken hours later still in the bath but the bath was now in the kitchen much to the horror of his Aunt Alice the most straight laced and conservative woman known to man.

Needless to say Mr Cassidy moved out the next day his Aunt Alice never spoke to him again calling him a degenerate pervert and spread the rumour successfully around the family.

It was an intriguing situation for the house as well. In its head the space it occupied was its and therefore it would decide to change shape as often as it wanted to. So often it was dependent on the occupants at the time. The house considered them as guests and as such it decided their fate if a fate was required.

Most people were tolerable it decided and therefore it was happy for them to stay until it got bored of them and altered a few things to urge them to move out. It was the pretentious ones it most despised. The woman who came in wanting to change this and alter that, knock a wall out here and put a wall in there and of all things put in an ensuite.

You can imagine the homeowner’s dilemma when after engaging builders to bring about the changes they planned to knock out a wall only to find the wall back in place the next morning. Or the coat of paint you laboriously applied all day has peeled off overnight and lies in neatly folded piles on the floor. You hope a message was being successfully delivered and for the most part it was. Change was short lived unless the house so desired it.

So today the house sits on its small block of land. It looks scruffy, unloved, dishevelled and in serious need of love and attention. But just try and do anything to change its current appearance. Its discovered digital projection and what it can create, as a visual spectacle is something to behold and frighten the pants off you. The current owner, Silas Milas can’t offload it to any one. That’s the trouble with the computer age, a picture on Face Book is enough to damn it forever, which is ok in the house’s eyes as its content to sit and be what it is. A House!


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/tale-weaver-65-the-old-house/

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12 Responses to Tale Weaver #65 – The Old House

  1. Lyn says:

    That is a fabulous looking house! All it needs is someone to tell it they love it and find out what it needs. So much potential for a wonderful family home.

    • Michael says:

      Well good idea Lyn, but I get the impression this house doesn’t take any truck from anyone so I suppose whoever it is to love would have to be a special genuine person.

  2. wildchild47 says:

    Brilliantly written Michael 🙂 Great prompt and image – and I love the point of view and perspective offered by the house – why it engages as it does – and love the idea – reminds me a bit of the changing staircases @ Hogwarts – but an entire room “replacing” itself – love it!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Pat, yes I was aware of the Hogwarts comparison but in my house it could regenerate itself. I think an exploration of its past would be an interesting journey.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Fascinating story about the house having a presence, a kind of beingness as well and wanting to do what it liked, change whenever. I enjoyed this. Well written Michael.

  4. Oliana says:

    Ah the history in that house must be astounding…must make a part II and listen the the stories whistling through the rooms at night:)

  5. luckyjc007 says:

    Fun story. Imagine traveling in the house at night as you sleep, then waking up in a different room .Such magic! A house of surprises. Wonderful story for this prompt.

  6. luckyjc007 says:

    Oh! You’re right! I wasn’t thinking in that direction…..😧

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