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Tale Weaver #37 Pet Story – Frank

Image © Joey’s Canine Candids Frank was the cutest of all our dogs. A little brown fluff ball of a dog but so loving and devoted to us. He had come to us via a friend at the dog rescue … Continue reading

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FFfAW-Week of 10-27-2015 – Fruition.

Image: It was a great moment she thought. After months of work, rehearsal, worry and anxiety it was finally over. In her dressing room away from the accolades she received she could relax and gather her thoughts. She had … Continue reading

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poetry 101 rehab: talk

TALK It’s cheap She promised so much The house, travel, adventure Ambition was at the core Long hours spent talking Do this, do that Go here, go there Why are you such an arsehole? Talk, intellectualising Its what you did … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #84 – October 27, 2015 – On the Post Office Steps

Image “Somewhere in Between” by Anne Worner CC BY-SA 2.0. He sits on the Post Office steps His clothes wrapped tightly around A frame that now days feels the cold. He appears as the workday begins and takes his position … Continue reading

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Wordle #84 “October 26, 2015” The Girl with the Strawberry Birthmark

This week’s words: Elapse Birthmark Auburn Haunted Acanthus (any of several plants of the genus Acanthus, of the Mediterranean region, having spiny or toothed leaves and showy, white or purplish flowers.) Flare Unaccountable Mighty Loathsome Tumultuous (highly agitated, as the mind or … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #130 “Collage 9″- Being Everything

We never believed it possible To love like never before To feel we’d gone beyond any known reality. My voice you said ‘Is so lovely Like a cushion for me to lay my head on.’ Those languid afternoons After a … Continue reading

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SoCS Oct 23/15 – Beef

My mother and father were great lovers of a side of beef. She and dad had a thing about beef; in simple terms they couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Every meal was beef in one form or other. Braised, … Continue reading

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Music Prompt #14: “Kettering” performed by The Antlers – Baggage Could it have been better? That you came when you said you would. That you carried your baggage through my door In an endless steam of suitcases Each labelled Trauma one – trauma 2. Should I have expected any … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver 36: Life After the Lottery – Ernest Casey

Sketch: The State Lottery Office Artist: Vincent van Gogh (1882) Source: When Ernest Casey won the lottery his first thought was the one his father had once said about winning a big lottery prize: ‘It’ll ruin everything.’ Ernest decided … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge# 83, October 20, 2015 – The Boy and the Rabbit

Destruction, death, Mayhem, chaos, The news was bleak The prospects dim. Across the field resplendent in lavender bloom The boy watched as the metal objects Floated inexplicably in the air above the city. In the panic of their arrival he … Continue reading

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