Music Prompt #14: “Kettering” performed by The Antlers – Baggage

Could it have been better?

That you came when you said you would.

That you carried your baggage through my door

In an endless steam of suitcases

Each labelled

Trauma one – trauma 2.

Should I have expected any different

When you settled into my lounge

Put your feet on my coffee table

Stretched out and asked for a cup of tea?

You said it was a temporary thing

That you needed a place to gather yourself

But you are still here a hundred years later.

I lay awake at night wondering what will become of you.

Are you forever to stay childlike?

In need,

Playing the emotional card

Your answer to every situation

When stress rears its ugly head

And I watch you retreat into suitcase twelve

The one you never open in public

But rather guard its presence

Preferring to open it a fraction when

Withdrawal is your favoured strategy

And silence your trump card.

Your limpet existence is dragging me

Slowly into an abyss of my own

I now know there is no tomorrow

Just another same shit different day.

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15 Responses to Music Prompt #14: “Kettering” performed by The Antlers – Baggage

  1. J Lapis says:

    Oh dear, this is a disturbing story…

    • You think? Thanks J for stopping by….

      • J Lapis says:

        Did I read it wrong?? Was it meant to be other than disturbing?

      • Well I guess baggage is disturbing…..but then we all have more than our fair share I think…..the sameness of life J, can get to us after a while….

      • J Lapis says:

        The ending line sums up the negative, disturbing feel to me. I agree we all have baggage…I don’t know what other comment you would have preferred, to mine. Sorry if I disappointed…

      • I am never disappointed J keep on commenting as you see fit…..I was generating discussion and look hat I achieved….discussion…..

      • J Lapis says:

        It’s hard to know what writers want to see in the comment box–which is the reason many people just “Like”, and skip the risk of saying the wrong thing….may explain why I have to change blogs frequently 🙂

      • Dear J, Write the comment your heart tells you to write not what you think we might like to read….we all have opinions and yours is a valid as anyone elses……its not possible for us to always find agreement with an author and that’s ok as language is a universal medium and we all respond from within the context in which we live… go tell it as you see it…..

  2. “Just another same shit different day.”
    The sense of helplessness and hopelessness of the Ketterings and your piece summed up in that line.

  3. RoSy says:

    That baggage needs to get kicked to the curb!

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