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Writing Prompt #109 “Zero” Timid boy Humiliation Ridicule Intimidation His butt the butt of many a joke. Gentle in nature Always on the edge Thought of as weak No asset for anyone Never selected, never considered. Overlooked for promotion Little worth to anyone … Continue reading

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Word Of The Week (WOW #20) – Remonstrate

Remonstrate : make a forcefully reproachful protest / argue in protest or opposition My mate Tim lived on a farm not far out of town and we would often go out there to see what was happening and more importantly … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday Prompt #8 – The Dog Planet

Today’s prompt is to write in 3rd Person Point of View about a either a teenager or 60 yr. old (or both?) about to embark on a dangerous adventure. Grandad was adamant that he could do it. The journey would … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Prompt May 29th 2015 “dancing” – Gratia Day

The task for this Fairy Tale prompt is to write a short story or poem about something you celebrate every year. Amongst The Ferns the word Gratia was on everyone’s lips. The coming of spring was a time of celebration … Continue reading

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SoCS May 30/15 – Almost

Badge by Doobser @ Mindful Digressions This week’s prompt: “almost.”  I have lived an almost life. I have been told I am almost loveable and that heartens me no end. You know that feeling when you know you have almost … Continue reading

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Wordle 188 – Miss Marie

Miss Marie stood in front of the class The miserably neglected children milled around. The room a flutter of whispers. The call for action Miss Marie dreaded Miserable pirouettes from equally miserable students. Marcy in her food stained leotard Juliette … Continue reading

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“Words to Write By” Prompt #8 – Marigold

This week’s words: review fume downstairs marigold bitter steady unemployment helicopter misery western Marigold was fuming. Again her boyfriend had let her down. She had come downstairs that morning after a night of massage oils and absolute delights that had … Continue reading

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Always…a poem

Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
it doesn’t matter how old you are ? when you’re flying down the street with the windows open and the music blasting ? you’re always eighteen

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Poetry Prompt Wednesday #8 – Regret

This week’s prompt is to write a ‘Regret’ poem I guess I should written But life gets in my way I think of you so often Reminding myself daily A letter is due your way. I made a commitment A … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #15 – Through the Arches – I Miss You

Photo Credit: Michael Grogan – Paris This week’s Tale Weaver task: Imagine you are in a foreign city and as you walk the streets you come across a set of arches that intrigue you as to what lies beyond them. … Continue reading

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