Fairy Tale Prompt May 29th 2015 “dancing” – Gratia Day


The task for this Fairy Tale prompt is to write a short story or poem about something you celebrate every year.

Amongst The Ferns the word Gratia was on everyone’s lips.

The coming of spring was a time of celebration and every fairy within the garden was busying themselves with preparations for the festival where thanks and gratitude was expressed in unique ways to the Fairy Queen.

It was such an important festival that all other activities were put on hold for the week before so preparations could be concluded in readiness for the weeks end festival.

Inside the giant bird’s nest fern the fairy folk were about sewing together fern leaves to make festival garments. Chriten and her family were makers of the finest leaf hats in the entire fern garden and soon she knew there would be a steady stream of fairy folk coming to her door to purchase hats for the ceremony, which to everyone’s excitement would bring the Fairy Queen before them.

This was the only time of the year The Fairy Queen appeared among her people. She lived in her palace atop the tree fern where she met with dignitaries from the many fairy folk who lived beneath her.

It was also the time of sacrifice and there was a buzz amongst the fairy communities as to who would be chosen this year.

It was highly prestigious to be chosen and even more so if one of your clan was chosen you got to display the Queen’s standard above the entrance to your village.

There was great competition among the various clans and Chriten hoped that this year one of her sons might be chosen.

This happened at the weeks end and the entire fairy population would gather below the mighty tree fern to watch the queen descend to greet them.

Weeks end came quickly; there was fervour of anticipation as the time approached for the Queen’s entry.

This year the likely hopefuls were lined up in a line at the base of the tree. Chriten was pleased to see her eldest son standing tall amongst the young men to be considered.

The Queen to a majestic fanfare descended and began her dance. She circled the tree all the time inspecting and focusing on the candidates.

With each step she left in her wake a glitter of sparkles. Children would dive in and try and secure a sparkle in their hand as they were considered of great value and would add to the importance of a particular clan the more sparkles you could salvage.

After two circumnavigations of the tree she went into a trance like state, she began to swirl, her skirts spraying sparkles in every direction over the assembled fairies. These sparkles could not be caught but rather were absorbed into whichever fairy they touched. The fairy folk entranced within this spectacle swayed in rhythm with her dancing and held their breaths as she approached each selected candidate and taking his head in her hands, smiled lovingly and like osmosis took him into her skirts.

The fairy folk looked about at the jubilation on the faces of the clans from whom the selected candidates had been chosen.

Chriten was left smiling broadly as her son had been one of the three selected. She thought of the prestige this would bring to her business. She began to plan a hat that she would make in his honour.

The Queen then raised her hand and said the only words she uttered on this day:

‘The fairy world is safe. Go about your business, prosper and be happy.’

With that she slowly rose up into her palace taking with her the love and gratitude of her people.

Thereafter followed a celebration that went long into the evening as the fairy communities observed Gratia Day.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/fairy-tale-prompt-may-29th-2015-dancing/

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2 Responses to Fairy Tale Prompt May 29th 2015 “dancing” – Gratia Day

  1. How beautiful is this Michael, I was enthralled no one understand fairies better than you and no one makes them more real to me. Stunning I love the bit about the sparkles

  2. mj6969 says:

    I have to agree with Yves – you have a very intimate understanding and appreciation of fairies – and so you weave such amazing, entrancing stories – and such imagination – the sparkles!

    I presume you are one of the “chosen” to share the knowledge long lost and forgotten about fae – and so we all benefit 😀

    Great job Michael 😀

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