Tale Weaver – #160 – Homelessness


Image: © Mara Eastern (Used with permission)

Overnight it had snowed again leaving its blanket of wonder for us to play in.

As we ventured out the old man wandered past. His steps were hesitant as he plodded along leaving his oversized boot prints in his wake.

His head bowed I recognised him as the old man who lived in the park, a cardboard box as his home, his possessions in dirty plastic bags packed into the corners of his current box.

I couldn’t imagine how cold it must be for him on nights where the water in the pipes froze, the snow fell, and the freezing winds blew.

But he survived, and mum had often told me he was a man who had occupied his spot in the park for a lot of years. He lived on handouts, the late night coffee van and the generosity of strangers going by.

He never asked for anything, he was not one to beg but preferred to maintain his own sense of silent dignity.

He was often seen around the town on cold mornings I suspected as movement warmed him and kept him functioning.

There were places he went out of habit, the servo on the highway which allowed him to use their toilets, the café on the main street who gave him a coffee each morning and allowed him to use their bathroom to wash up.

The various charities in the town had tried to provide housing for him, but he was such a creature of habit, the outside and his park home was all he wanted.

To today seeing him huddled inside his old woollen coat, covering the layers beneath, gave me reason to be grateful for the roof over my head.


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Photo Challenge #202 – My Wife Is a Witch


Image: -BleachFilm

She was a witch. She had claimed to be one for all the years we were together. There was on doubt she was a witchy bitch. She’d follow me around the house, and when I reached the bathroom she’d say: “I know what you are going to do!” When I’d exit, she’d be waiting outside and say: “I know what you just did!” It was uncanny how often she knew this stuff. But I was finally at a point of testing her. The old witches test I was putting into action. She laughed at my idea, ridiculed me, and goaded me into trying it out. So when the day came I pushed her towards the pool, I grabbed her shirt and lowered her over the water all the while listening to her now cackle of hysteria as I dropped her neared the water. Then I let go and she quickly sunk to the bottom. I was terrified as I saw the life of my one great love sinking before me. Then the water began to bubble, steam erupted from the surface as she shot out of the pool and hovered in the air above me before slowly descending to stand before me, her toes against my own, her now wet breasts outlined beneath her dripping shirt. With her nipples more erect than ever and up against me, she said: “You believe me now?”

I looked into her dark green eyes betraying her love for me and amongst many things gulped.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/photo-challenge-202/

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In Other Words, heart…


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word heart

They said he didn’t have one.

His actions spoke louder than words and he was guilty of being unfeeling.

The poor man on the corner he ignored, the old lady crossing the street he ridiculed.

One day he fell and couldn’t get up.

The poor man and the old lady showed him compassion and where to find his heart.


Written for: https://patriciasplace.me/2018/02/21/in-other-words-heart/

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 59 – Darcy’s Odd things Emporium.


Image: Linda Xu

The blue bike had been against the wall for some weeks before it wasn’t. Behind the wall was Darcy’s Odd Things Emporium.

Darcy stocked a frightening array of odd things. Scaly creatures in bottles, some without scales, the furry, the curly and the naked.

Not only were there odd things on the shelves but an odd thing might often be the assistant who sold you what it was you desired.

The bike attracting attention was taken into the shop and mounted in the window next to a large clear bottle in which some thought was a cyclist in yellow lycra.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2018/02/21/100-word-wednesday-week-59/

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Pieman


Image © Enisa

It was on the way to the Fair when I met the Pieman.

He was cooling his feet in the gently flowing creek.

It was hot, and he was on a lunch break. He’d travelled a long way; his pies were hot and steaming in the back of his van.

He mopped his brow, splashed his feet, and nodded to me as he waded by.

On his return, I asked if I could taste one of his pies, to which he asked which flavour I desired.

I asked him his flavours.

There was: plain, salty, mushroom, curry, sweet and sour, chilli, potato, cheesy bacon and bacony cheese.

Then he said he had apple, raspberry, strawberry cream, peach and pecans with passionfruit or without.

Such choices I did remark so to be safe I asked for a sweet and sour with tomato sauce.

I munched, he smiled and then mounting his van drove off to the Fair.


Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/fffaw-challenge-week-of-february-20-2018/

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Twittering Tale #72 – 20 February 2018 – “Hopewell”


Hopewell’s creaking door, the butler’s crossed eyes, his hideous hump and a habit of standing too close were all signs to beware of.
The chill as you settled in bed, the ghostly screams in the night,
The rattling of chains, Cousin Boris’ slimy handshake ensured a sleepless night. (278 characters)

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Bonus Wordle “Moment of Tangency” – Mocha on the Veranda


Close Sultry Fragile Whisper Pupils Moment of Tangency

Watch video for definition

http://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/post/156040502765/moment-of-tangency-a-glimpse-of-what-might-have#notes Butterflies Mocha Sweat Veranda Eyelashes Sway

Tonight was a close and sultry night, and we sat out on the veranda taking in whatever cool wafted our way.

The last of the day’s butterflies were flying about, as we sipped our afternoon mochas, expertly made by the sweat of her brow.

We often recall how all this came about. We walked the same path each day but on opposite sides of the road. Our heads always down, our thoughts on the pupils we were to deal with that day.

Then something changed all that for us. Roadworks.

At first, they meant you had to cross to my side of the street, and we used the same footpath. We nodded and then whispered our hellos our thoughts still far from each other.

In time the roadworks necessitated we cross to your side of the street, and your pathway became our meeting place. I began to look for you. I was fragile, recently dumped; I didn’t know you were too.

Your eyelashes highlighted your amazing eyes, and I was drawn to them, and in time we found our emotions swaying towards each other.

As I finished my version of our story, you asked what had brought on this memory.

“I’ve been working on the wordle, Yves asked us to use “Moments of Tangency”, and I looked it up, and it was our story, though we happened, and in many instances, it doesn’t.”

“You’re a funny old sod aren’t you,” she said slipping her arm inside of mine.

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