100 Word Wednesday: Week 126 – Dancing


She threw the hat at me, and miraculously I caught it.

She urged me to put it on and extended her hand for me to join her on the dance floor.

I was instantly embarrassed as I knew I was born with two left feet when it came to dancing. But she wasn’t taking no and took my hand.

What happened next I couldn’t believe. My feet followed hers, I waltzed, salsaed, jived and boogied like I’d never done before. My feet took on a new life.

My wife stood dumbfounded. She didn’t know her man had it in him.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2019/06/26/100-word-wednesday-week-126/

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Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #229 – Castle – June 27th. – Lord Castle


Frank was enjoying his visit to the old castle, and in his haphazard way, he lost track of the rest of his tour group and found himself alone in a dark and winding corridor.

He had been captivated by the armour statues littered throughout the corridors and had stopped to inspect each one wondering as to the person who maybe had been unfortunate to wear them, as Frank knew they were very heavy and cumbersome to wear.

He was perusing a particularly damaged suit when he heard the voice. It came from just near his elbow, and he wondered who it was.

“This one’s lost,” said the voice.

“Best not hang around here,” said a second voice.

“No, telling what might happen,” replied the first voice.

“Castle would not be pleased.”

“Could you imagine the furore?”

“I’d hate to be in his shoes.”

Frank was hearing all this and wondering where the voices were coming from.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Did you hear something?” asked the first voice.

“Sounded like a question,” replied the second.

“Could it be possible?” asked the first.

“No. Not possible,” came the second.

“I’m just here,” said Frank getting annoyed. “What’s going on here?”

“Just being friendly,” said the first voice.

“Offering you advice, but we don’t expect you to take any notice, most people run off screaming at the sound of our voices,” said the first voice with a hint of disappointment.

“You wouldn’t believe the strife some people get into in this place,” offered the second voice.

“Castle can get quite nasty, you know.”

“Find yourself cast into the dungeon and then what might you do?”

“It’s a long time you can spend in there.”

“Best you hurry up and catch up to your group, Castle doesn’t like its routine to be disrupted.”

Frank didn’t believe a word of what he was hearing and thought it was obviously some sort of prank being played on him. He looked around for hidden speakers and/or cameras, as he was certain he was being watched.

Just then, from the far end of the corridor, he heard a rumble. It was the sort of rumble that made certain things in your pants feel very uncomfortable.

“It’s too late now,” said the first voice.

“Best run, at least there might be time,” said the second voice with a sense of urgency.

Frank hearing them and realising it was time to make a move turned and found himself standing in front of a very small but agitated man, dressed in a fine suit with a top hat.

“Lord Castle,” announced the man stretching out a hand towards Frank. The second Frank took Lord Castle’s hand, the room went black. He blinked, and when his eyes adjusted, he was in a dark and dank place.

“You were warned,” said Castle, bowing to the man and then slamming shut the biggest door Frank had ever seen.

“Got you too?” asked a voice from across the room.

Not another voice thought Frank. What sort of place is this?


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/27/tale-weaver-fairy-tale-229-castle-june-27th/

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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19 – The Cube


Image: Andrew Neel@pexels.com.

When the knock on the door was answered, they were greeted by a man introducing himself as Mr Minisota, and he was there to show them something that would change their lives forever.

By the time they had time to gather themselves and put up the customary resistance of ‘No thanks, we don’t want any’, he had his bag open and brought out an object that could only be described as a puzzle.

It was a cube, which sat in the man’s hand, and had no visible markings.

‘This will change our lives?” they collectively thought. “How?”

Immediately the cube began humming, then vibrated and then lit up. At first a dull pale light then it built to a bright iridescent, and they found themselves mesmerized.

“Amazing!” they found themselves saying and not really knowing why.

“This can be yours today for one easy payment of $10.99, or if you buy two, it will cost only $23.”

“Wow!” they exclaimed and found themselves signing a document and passing over the $23.

Mr Minisota left them with the two cubes in their hands, and it wasn’t until later with the cubes on their mantlepiece that they began to realise what they had done.

The change in their lives was they had two cubes, and at different times one would light up, hold them fixated and then turn off.

It didn’t matter what they were doing; they had to stop and watch the cubes doing their thing. Vacuuming, cooking, washing it didn’t matter the cubes had taken over their lives and somehow a part of them thought it a good thing. The man felt more virile than ever, the woman, saw in her husband a man far more attractive than she ever realized. It was proving to be a win-win all round.



Written for: https://fivedotoh.com/2019/06/24/fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-19/

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Flash Fiction Challenge #5: Magic


Image: Fire Breath by Caio Monteiro

It shouldn’t have been there, but it was. He looked around, and there was no one in sight, so how had it happened?

Before him, a small pot bubbling with some sort of metal in it. He knew it was a metal as it had a metallic look about it.

It bubbled up over the lip of the pot and spread around his feet.

He stepped back and as he did a hand sprung from the metal and grabbed him. The grip was strong, he was caught.

What now he thought?

Then a sinister voice spoke, “Magic! Not bad, eh?”


Written for: https://jedigirlblog.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/flash-fiction-challenge-5-magic/

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Photo Challenge #269 – Hurry On


Image: – Malina Rose

“Come fly with me,” she said

“I’ll take you places you never imagined.

Just come this way.”

Off she floated and I found myself

Likewise floating along the pathway.

She seemed in such a hurry

I wanted to enjoy this newfound freedom.

“Slow down!” I called

“Let me smell, touch, taste,

So much to take in

So little time.”

“You must keep up for that very purpose,”

She chided, “there’s much to see and do before the end.”

“But I’m old,” I puffed exhaustion taking over.

“I know,” she said, “all the more reason for you to hurry on.”


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/photo-challenge-269/

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Wordle #139 – Granny Smith’s Ghost.


This week’s words: Chill Ghost Shog- to shake: to jolt: to jog along Repress Wispy Insipience- a lack of wisdom: foolishness Stutter Strike Dark Granny Smith Apples Drag Wet

The ghost of Granny Smith lingered in the chill morning over what was left of her orchard. She hadn’t always been Granny Smith that came from the infamy of being a pen pal to a service man across the sea who referred to her as his Little Apple Blossom until she sent him a photo and Granny Smith was born.

It was a wet morning as she dragged her ghostly self across the orchard repressing the anger she felt that the present owners had let the orchard go to rack and ruin.

Her pace through the dying apple trees could be best described as a shog, but you probably think that might be a tad pretentious so best to say she jolted her way along, its difficult she came to realise that when you were agitated, gliding and floating, in a ghost-like manner became hard to manage.

So her shog like gait stuttered its way along her mind thinking dark thoughts as her precious Granny Smith apples withered and fell to the earth.

She wanted to strike out and make people understand how disappointed she was at what was happening to her orchard but when you are nothing more than a wispy shadow most people thinking they saw something ghostly dismissed such a notion as a figment of their imagination.

She felt her life had been an example of her own insipient behaviour believing she was leaving a legacy when in fact she left behind apples well sought after with no thanks to the woman whose labours had developed them.

With that thought she shogged a bit more this time more of a tremor than a jolt but she didn’t care, being a ghost was a lonely business and she craved an apple if only she could eat one.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/wordle-139/

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #92 – The Crossover


When the moment of crossover occurred, it came as a bit of a shock.

He expected the lights of the palliative care ward to fade into darkness and all cognizance of life disappear. He would become nothing as he believed there was nothing to go to.

So as the lights around him faded and he slipped away from human life, it came as a surprise when another light took its place.

His first thought was its just happening in my head, my brain is trying to stay in the world and fooling me into thinking I am still there.

Then he realized he didn’t have a brain as such so wondered what it was that was happening to him.

It wasn’t as if he wanted to live forever nor did he have any definite quarrel with death, after all in his final months, life had been crap, confined to a bed with tubes stuck in him, family fussing about and doctors doing what they do to make him ‘comfortable’ as they liked to put it.

He was glad it was all over and had made his wishes known prior to all the incapacity that had taken place.

He didn’t believe in an afterlife, life ended, full stop, and there was only the problem of disposing of his dead self that was an issue for those entrusted with the task.

But there was something going on he hadn’t anticipated. There was a light, and it shone brightly. There was a road, and it led in one direction, flat for the moment, but then there appeared to be some fork in it, and he wondered if Robert Frost had seen this before he wrote: “The Road Less Taken”. He grinned to himself in thinking such a thought at a time like this.

One thing was for sure, the crossover was painless. It just happened like he stepped from one world into another. As it was, he couldn’t have tolerated any pain as he’d had enough of that in life. What a way to end it all he thought, stuffed with drugs that left you half awake and so drowsy you forgot where you were, who was there and if they were, in truth you didn’t give a damn about them.

He regretted that for death was a very selfish thing, you had to do it alone, you might feel someone was holding your hand, but it was just you and the prospect of not seeing tomorrow.

This new world was different, the light was welcoming, it urged you on, he discovered he could walk without pain, no muscle weariness and he didn’t feel thirsty.

When he reached the crossroad, there was a man standing there watching him approach. Above him was a sign, one way pointing to the right, the other left.

His first thought was to reach for his glasses but then realized he hadn’t brought them with him. The sign to the right said: “All Things Bright”. The sign to the left said: “All Things Maybe Bright”.

He looked at the man watching him and asked him if it made any difference which way he went.

“The crossover requires a decision,” said the man, “it’s the only one you’ll have to make.” The man was indifferent in how he spoke, and so the course of his deliberation was merely an uneducated guess.

He chose right, and the man pointed the way ahead.

As he headed off, he heard the man say: “It’s all a matter of you playing your part in the universe, it’s expanding so we need people like you to service it.”

Having no idea what any of that meant, the man stepped forward into the unknown.


Written for: https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2019/06/20/reenas-exploration-challenge-92/

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