Wordle #153 – The Upstairs and Downstairs.


This week’s words: Prévenance noun special care in anticipating or catering to the needs and pleasures of others. Demon Emblem Dash  Notebook  Wrong  Jaws  Gate Pervasive  Holy Thirty  Incantation

Being known as a demon wasn’t something that sat well with Wayne. It wasn’t his fault as someone had to belong upstairs and some downstairs. That’s how he saw it, and he believed that just as his friend the upstairs representative had prevenance so did he, just in a slightly different way. There were many souls downstairs who got off on their environment, and let’s face it, he would argue, when you were sent down, it was for pretty obvious reasons, and there wasn’t much you could do other than make the best of it.

With the hell-fire emblem emblazoned on your tunic and the constant risk of things going wrong, like bursting into flames at any moment, one had to be on one’s guard.

On this day Wayne was having his weekly meeting with Greg, his counterpart from the upstairs department. They each had their notebooks out checking over the week’s intake and tallying up their respective souls.

They met in Hell’s Kitchen, a café on the each of Hades, slightly west of the jaws of hell and well away from the influence of holy do-gooder. Also, Hell’s kitchen sold the best sushi in all of eternity.

Their scores for the week were thirty apiece. That was always satisfactory as both entities felt an even score kept both of them in the good books with those higher up or lower down, depending on how you looked at it.

Greg had been complaining about the soul who was clearly a lying bastard in anyone’s books but upon death had endlessly uttered an incantation hoping to convince Greg his soul was worth saving. But as pervasive as the soul tried to be when it came to seeing a soul for what it truly was, Greg could not be fooled.

The soul, thinking, he had convinced Greg made a mad dash for the gates of the upstairs only to be tripped up by Wayne who already had reserved the soul a spot downstairs.

“Whoo up there cowboy,” announced Wayne, as he gave the soul a hefty kick with his boot sending him spiralling down.

“Thanks for that,” said Greg, relieved as he went back to sipping on his latte and offering Wayne a ham sandwich. Wayne gratefully took the sandwich repeating as he so often did that upstairs was the only place to get a decent ham sandwich.


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Sunday Writing Prompt “Ugly Words” – Consequences.


The words stream from your mouth

Vitriol with no limit

Spewing forth, a vomit contaminating me,

Shredding my self-esteem

Shattering any speck of dignity.

The stench of the attack

Cuts me to the core

Leaving me a hollowed husk.

I cower in the corner of my mind

Powerless, paralysed with fear

All I can do is wait for you to tire.

When your tirade is exhausted

I am left alone

My mind working at nine to the dozen

I ask why?

You seem oblivious to any consequences

The desire to dominate far exceeds

Any understanding of what might be

The long-term results.

Love disappeared long ago

Replaced by the tantrums

The little hard done girl

Now in the body of an adult.

As I predicted you are alone

Deserted by those you should have nurtured

They avoid you, frustrated by your obstinacy,

But in true form, you have replaced them

Pseudo friends, pretending to be,

Subservient children.

You claim it was never your fault

‘They should have known,’

They are the selfish ones

And so the acrimonious vomit

Continues gushing,

The same stink, different flavour,

But consistent nevertheless.



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Tale Weaver – #243 – For Sale – 3rd October.- The Grimace Street Sale



Miss Marble at 46 Grimace Street had been convinced by her neighbour and good friend, Mansur Stigglefod, to run a garage sale for the occupants of Grimace Street.

Miss Marble was not all that keen initially but Mansur explained to her the merits of a garage sale and that it would be a good community activity. Added to that a garage sale was a good way of getting rid of anything you no longer had any need for.

The Grimace Street Garage sale took place on the third Saturday of the month, and most of the street’s inhabitants embraced the idea. The street was festooned with balloons and signs advertising the houses participating.

For Miss Marble, there were a few things she thought she could offer for sale and it was, she agreed, a good opportunity for her to give her shed a good clean out.

What surprised her was how many people from outside Grimace Street turned up to peruse the goods for sale.

Mansur did a roaring trade as over the years she had accumulated a great number of nic-naks, ornaments and a whole lot of very vintage kitchen appliances.

Throughout the day people came and went, it was a roaring success with every household feeling the day had been a great community-building exercise as well as the opportunity for them to earn a few dollars, for as Mansur stated, “People will pay to take your garbage away.”

Miss Marble being the witch she was, had to careful with what she offered as a lot of her old stuff was still in good use, and she wasn’t going to part with any of it. Instead, she found her old lawn-mowers, garden rakes and shovels all attracted a lot of attention. Added to that she did a great trade in herbs, having potted up a lot of her unusual herbs.

She smiled when Mr Jenkins from No.32 Grimace Street bought her Forget-Me-Not Plants, as she knew he had a terrible memory and the plants might just be the thing to get his mind working again. Time will tell she thought.

The Harvey twins from 29 Grimace Street, took home a ‘Prompt’Plant, useful in reminding you of things you needed to do.

At the end of the day, Miss Marble and Mansur sat on Miss Marble’s veranda and watched the last of the stalls being taken down and observed the satisfied looks on the faces of their neighbours’.

It had been a successful day, doubly so when in the afternoon, Miss Marble offered cups of tea to the people visiting the street for the first time. Being the careful witch, she was, each cup was laced with a tiny drop of her “Where was I’ potion designed to make you forget where you had just been.

For as Miss Marble thought to herself, ‘One can never be too careful.”


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Tale Weaver – #242 – Happiness – 26th September – Cyril’s Birthday Cake


Image: Gary Larson – Google Images.

Cyril Rum, an angel on sabbatical, found emotion an intriguing feature of human beings. Being an angel, the notion of happiness and or sadness, was something novel to him.

On earth in his efforts to understand the inhabitants, he found them possessed with the desire to find happiness. They sought it in so many ways, and he thought it all rather futile.

As a result, he was very much aware that around him, people were often unhappy and he could see the reason for that.

Humans he understood were basically greedy.

In the street, he lived in were several families who were always downcast, who appeared to struggle to find their way and whose children especially reflected their predicament.

His guide to finding his way on earth was his neighbour, Mildred Thrupp, a single, aged woman whom Cyril relied on to teach him the complex ways of humans.

Mildred knew everyone’s business, she knew about the Millsons, in particular, who were poor and miserable in their own way.

The Millson’s were a large family, an out of work father who drank and who came home late, argued with his wife and ordered his children about in no uncertain manner.

Mrs Millson did her best, she took in washing and worked on the farms during harvest time.

Cyril would see the family each Sunday morning troop past his house with Mrs Millson leading the five children to church. He noticed her black eyes, the children’s unhappy faces, the poor state of their clothing.

One morning he greeted them as they went past. Mrs Millson returned the greeting and the children all looked at him unsure as to what to say the old balding man standing at his gate.

The youngest, a red-haired girl announced it was her birthday. Cyril wished her a happy birthday and noticed she limped as she went by.

On their return, they saw him once again. He had a cake for the youngest one, complete with candles (thanks to Mildred).

The children had never had a birthday cake before, and they were very grateful to Cyril.

Later that day, the red-haired girl knocked on his door to thank him for the cake.

She also said they had enjoyed it and her father after eating his share was the happiest she had ever seen him. He stayed home rather than going to the pub and helped his wife with the household chores, something he’d never done before.

She said her family sang songs around the dinner table, her birthday was the best ever and her family the happiest she had ever seen them. Having given Cyril this message, she skipped off home.

She left Cyril, feeling he had done something useful, his happiness cake had been a winner, and that gave him a good feeling, something he surmised must have been happiness.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #46 – Crisp’s Walk


Crisp, my aged companion, surveyed the map and pointed out the place we were looking for was down the hill.

“You sure we should go down there?’ I asked.

“Yes, it’s the only way and what we are looking for will be worth it,” she replied enthusiastically.

“But what about your arthritis?” I pleaded, knowing how the last time we attempted a similar descent, there was no end of problem getting her back up again.

“Piffle,” she said, “you’re such a wuss.”

Going down was no problem, nor was the two hundred metre walk to the old sawmill.

Coming back saw Crisp struggle. Her determination flagging as we reached the stairway.

Some hours later, much to her embarrassment, the rescue team after a lot of huffing and puffing, managed to get her to the top. Once there she shook them off, announcing she would walk home under her own steam.


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Photo Challenge #282 – In the Corner


Image: Google Images

It’s there trying its best to look inconspicuous

But like the elephant in the room

It’s there, hiding in the corner.

It’s easy to look beyond it.

Around it, polite conversation goes on

Ignoring it is the best course of action

After all, acknowledging it might cause a fuss

And who wants a fuss?

The well-to-do madam takes a slight pause

An awkward moment and glances sideways

Quickly her companion, the righteous one

Diverts attention and the conversation is saved

From stalling in its own unpleasantness.

In the corner, there is a rumble

Enough to garner attention

But disregarded, unimportant

They all internally agree

And carry on, snubbing their noses,

Aware their shit doesn’t stink.

There’s a rustling in the corner, a shifting,

They hold their collective breathes

The corner settles, they are spared,

Pretending is so much more desirable.


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Wordle #151 – Desolation


This week’s words: Broken Glass Ash  Glimmer Swell  Sleeve  Sanctuary  Bark  Giggle  Skin  Cumulus Clouds  Harmony Sweep

Everything seemed to be pitted against us.

The broken glass at our feet.

The ash from the bushfires.

There was barely a glimmer of hope.

Within us, our emotions swelled,

My little brother wiped his nose on his sleeve,

Leaving a human snail trail.

It appeared our sanctuary was gone.

The blackened bark further reinforced our feelings of despair.

Jenny let out a giggle, more a giggle of fear

Her skin crawling know, with the sense of loss.

Above us, the cumulus clouds swirled

So much on offer but now so late.

Our sense of harmony shattered

As around us the sweep of the landscape

Demonstrated our desolation.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/09/23/wordle-151/

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