Image: Kaique Rocha pexels-photo-125532 escalator

Roger, our tour leader, organised for us to have a shopping day.

Joyce, my aged companion, was excited, as she loved shopping.

The mall Roger took us to was the largest in the southern hemisphere. He provided us with maps of the centre before we were let loose in order we find our way back to the pickup spot before our allotted time.

Joyce loved escalators and rode each one several times as they were huge and provided her with panoramic views of the various levels.

The food court was enormous with every conceivable ethnicity represented. Here Joyce left me to my own devices with strict instructions as to what I was not to eat. She had decided the centre was the ideal place for her to go in search of some new ‘unmentionables’ as she described her underwear.

I settled into a cream fruit tart knowing I had ample time to devour it before Joyce returned. It was delicious, and I enjoyed every mouthful.

An hour later Joyce returned ladened with shopping bags and a look of satisfaction. From the collection of bags, she took a small purse size bag and handed it to me.

“Socks,” she said, “you could do with a clean pair.”


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Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #175 – June 14th – Happy Ever After


Princess Linda-Louise the Ungrateful had a huge chip on her shoulder. She was the youngest of three daughters born into a family for whom happy ever after was a desired and in the case of her older sisters achieved outcome.

They had found their happy ever after and Linda-Louise wondered if she had what was required to reach that height. She was in some ways the runt of the litter. Short and as she grew older, rotund and acerbic of wit.

She found her sisters tiresome as they basked in their respective happy ever afters. Her eldest sister SB, the one-time Sleeping Beauty, had been awakened by her Prince Charming and they enjoyed a great life on the coast in a castle their father had given to the Prince for waking his daughter.

Her other sister, the once known Cinderella, now referred to as Cindy was married to the now king and lived in opulent luxury never wanting for a thing.

Linda-Louise, or LL as she was known around the kingdom awoke each morning to this realisation.

It was Tuesday morning, and LL disliked Tuesdays. There was something about the air around her on a Tuesday that set off her mind. She walked down to the village, her shopping basket on her arm, her face in a scowl as the day seemed to have a set against her.

She growled at the stall owners, she spat very unladylike and cursed the blacksmith when she discovered the ring he had been making her was not finished.

As she stormed out of his shop, she bumped into a stranger and not realising who he was let fly with a string of expletives that set the poor man back a step or two.

Knowing she had uttered such obscenity, she hurried away ashamed of having delivered the tirade on a visitor.

In the next street, she was pulled up by the same man. He stood before her and LL kept her head down, refusing to look him in the eye. He introduced himself as Prince Manfred Smotherfdd, from the Kingdom of the Happy Valley. LL had heard of this Prince as her father had dealings with his kingdom and with the Prince.

She coyly looked up and saw into his eyes something she’d never experienced before.

She was both speechless and breathless. The Prince said he was in the village for a few days and would she have lunch with him. LL recalled mumbling something she hoped was a yes and stumbled off with the Prince.

Over lunch she found her tongue much to the relief of the Prince who remarked most women in his presence were tongue-tied.

The afternoon flew by and before LL knew it the evening had arrived.

The Prince said he had dealings with LL’s father and would she be at dinner that night as her father had promised to lay on a welcoming meal for him.

That night after dinner LL had a small glimpse of what happy ever after might be. The Prince took her aside and asked if he could call again that he was feeling very fond of her. He kissed on the cheek as he left and LL felt a little weak in the knees.

The Prince said he would be back within the month and LL said she could hardly wait.


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In Other Words, twaddle…


The old man sat at his computer and wondered how much twaddle he could produce in one day.

For reasons beyond him, his writing generated an audience.

Most of his life had been nonsense; so writing about what he knew came easy.

He enjoyed throwing random words together; there was something cathartic in the process.

He put down ‘once upon a time’ and let his muse take over.


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Weekly Photo – relocation


Ronny and his wife were sick of the city living, so they bought a block of land up in the mountains and moved their small family there.

They spent the first few weeks positioning their old caravan and installing a pump for water and a generator for power.

They owned an old kombi wagon, and Ronny had a motor bike that he rode to work each day.

He’d come to work each day, often unwashed and would use the staff facilities to make himself look presentable. I often wondered how his wife got on stuck out there each day with three small kids.

As much as Ronny would love to have forgone all of societies norms he had to work in order for them to accumulate enough money to start on a more permanent structure.

It took him years to achieve that, and by then he and his wife had decided it was too much and she had left, taking the kids with her back to her parents in the city.

Ronny was left with a ramshackle collection of buildings held together with hope and the occasional piece of rope. But with the departure of his wife, he had no ambition nor motivation to carry on.

He was stuck with a worthless piece of land and a whole bunch of dreams.


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100 Word Wednesday: Week 75 – Parent’s Amazement.


We stood in amazement as our son was awarded his degree. To us he’d wasted his years, he did very little work, he attended the bar more than he did lectures and he seemed disinterested in everything academic.

Often, he would be out all night, his string of girlfriends stretched into a fog of who was who. Today he was with Jodie, tomorrow, who knew which hapless girl he’d bring home.

Our day was capped off with a further puzzle for us, he was awarded the University medal for research. There was more to our son than met the eye.


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Twittering Tales #88 – 12 June 2018 – Dreamcatcher


Photo by Free-Photos at Pixabay

I wake in a cold sweat.
Breathing heavily, shaking from the nightmare.
I heard myself shouting: Get away!
I’m disorientated momentarily.
A big black dog was on my bed. I pushed it off and it growls as it leaves.
Up above the dreamcatcher hangs.
I hope it hasn’t caught this one.

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Wordle #200 – The Ducks


This week’s words: Tangible Alien Duck Enhance Revert Garnet Possessive Dissolution Objurgate(rebuke severely;) Quickening Possibility Decathect (v)) to withdraw one’s feelings of attachment from (a person, idea, or object), as in anticipation of a future loss)

The Ducks were aliens and lived in a suburbia that provided them with a never-ending source of entertainment.

It wasn’t easy to blend in as they discovered upon landing the humans were not very averse to oozing sulphuric gases from their slimy bodies, reptilian scales and multiple eyes. They therefore took on human form squeezing their bodies into human shells. This led to them both to decathect towards each other their human shapes repulsed the other. They awaited the day when they could revert to their true selves, when dissolution would mean they could once again go for it like rabbits as they often heard the crude humans say.

In the meantime they had a mission and could not afford to be possessive of their former selves. They sought a supply of garnets. The precious stones had a tangible effect on the Ducks who discovered that by caressing such stones and infusing the rich red silicate texture their reproductive abilities rose to unprecedented levels and the Ducks as a species were in need of a boost to their numbers as the supply of garnets on their home planet, a fast becoming desolate planet, a little to the left of the Milky Way and a short way from the twenty third sun of &^%$(*&% was almost at zero.

In human form the Ducks observed the humans as a curious lot. Several times a day one would objurgate the other when it became far to interested in some human activity, like shopping. This fascinated the Ducks for whom the concept of shopping was a fruitless preoccupation when they saw no reason to enhance their already perfect state.

The possibility of discovering a supply of garnets drove them on and they quickened the pace of discovery having received a memo from their home that their people were in dire need.

In a quarry on the edge of town they discovered a supply of garnets and set to work to extract them. Handling the precious stones meant they had to on several occasions to stop to deal with their respective heightened sense of innate attraction to each other, which meant dissolving their human shells and acting upon their overwhelming impulses in the only way they knew how. It proved a most satisfactory mission in more ways than one.

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