Photo Challenge #425 – Tosca (the dog not the Opera).

Tosca, the dog, not the opera, stood staunchly guarding her domain.

Standing on the back veranda she surveyed her kingdom with a quiet reserve ready to strike at any moment should her world be invaded.

Her owners were loving folk, who cared deeply for her and provided her with as many social experiences as possible as well as a treat every so often.

On this day her human mother had hung the washing out fearing it might rain and Tosca was making sure that if such an occurrence happened she would be ready to raise her doggy alarm.

As it was the day had been interrupted by the postman, the baker and a curious old lady selling buttons for “Dog-Friendly Day”. Tosca didn’t quite understand what that meant for as far as she was concerned every day was dog-friendly day, so long as you were, in fact, a friend.

She stood alert, looking at the sky, scratching herself and every so often giving her hindquarters a good healthy sniff and lick.

Like so many days time was about alertness, wakefulness and best of all snoringness.

She heard a rustling at the end of the yard. Someone was at the back fence. She stood to attention, sensing the change in the atmosphere, capturing a familiar scent, she knew this smell, it was the nosy neighbour, probably wanting to pinch a lemon or two or even have the audacity to dig up one of her master’s prize lettuces.

Tosca let loose with her best warning bark. A long and continuous sound ending with a crescendo of doggy warning.

The nosy neighbour called out her name, said in his usual friendly manner causing Tosca to run down the back steps to greet him, give him a loving lick and receive an affectionate pat on her head.

Having carried out her duties, Tosca retired to the veranda while the nosy neighbour helped himself to a prized lettuce.

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12 Responses to Photo Challenge #425 – Tosca (the dog not the Opera).

  1. lifelessons says:

    This is charming. Trying to think of who Tosca reminds me of! ;o)

  2. Sadje says:

    This is so sweet Michael. Totally written from the dog’s pov.

  3. Lauren says:

    A smart dog to be sure.

  4. Patricia says:

    Seems Tosca is a serious keeper of the veranda until someone she knows shows up. But what’s a little lettuce between friends? Maybe there are treats in those pockets.

  5. Lyn says:

    Loved this Michael 😄 If anyone came in our yard, our dog, Bailey, would bring them one of his toys to examine and say how wonderful it was. 🙄

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