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100 Word Wednesday: Week 45 – Untainted

Image Credit  Brooke Lark When they discovered the old couples dining room, they stood aghast. There before them lay their last supper. The mains were untouched with only a bite or two taken from the bagels. The glasses were stained from … Continue reading

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Twittering Tale #34 – 12 June 2017

Photo by stevepb at pixabay.com She needs iron in her diet. You won’t fool her. Salami nanas are the newest craze. You’ve an ice-blocks chance you know. How was that? Oh! Yuck. (140 characters) Written for: https://katmyrman.com/2017/06/12/twittering-tale-34-12-june-2017/

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FFfAW Challenge – Week of November 22, 2016 – His Insipid Nature

She said she hated sunsets and pulled away when he tried to hold her hand.   He had an insipid nature that weighed heavily on her. She tried to move away but the seat they shared didn’t allow for much more … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Grandma’s Baked Dinner

Grandma had the smallest pantry I’d ever seen. Not that it mattered she could turn a pair of old socks into a tasty meal. What Grandma had was a magic touch and her pantry, a collection of bottle, jars and … Continue reading

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SoCS Feb. 27/16 – Food

I remember reaching out and having my hand slapped. It was after all the last angel cake and I loved at that time angel cakes. Not that I was an angel, not as you’d expect me to be but rather … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Week of 02-23-2016 – Day Dreamer

Image: Ellespeth’s Friend. Jack hated being number four on the work team. It meant he was the last one up the scaffold and that meant looking up at Bill’s rear end and that sight was enough to put you off … Continue reading

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SoCS Oct 23/15 – Beef

My mother and father were great lovers of a side of beef. She and dad had a thing about beef; in simple terms they couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Every meal was beef in one form or other. Braised, … Continue reading

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