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Thursday photo prompt: Knock #writephoto – Dinner at the Dumps

From the moment, we arrived at the Dump house we knew we were not in for a pleasant evening. The door knocker said it all. Aggression, intolerance, arrogance and a pretty good smattering of ‘eat shit and die’. Door knockers … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge – Week of November 22, 2016 – His Insipid Nature

She said she hated sunsets and pulled away when he tried to hold her hand.   He had an insipid nature that weighed heavily on her. She tried to move away but the seat they shared didn’t allow for much more … Continue reading

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Wordle #66 “June 22 2015″ – ‘Stinging’ Nettle

This week’s words: Converge Prod Burrow Messiah Tendon Gag Poultice Limit Intenerate (to make soft or tender; soften) Peroxide Generosity Nettle John Nettle was a most spiky character, There was nothing intenerate about him. He didn’t have a soft side … Continue reading

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