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Saturday’s Mix–15 July 2017 – Character

Image: Google Images labelled for re-use. She looked at him with an element of surprise. “There’s more to you than meets the eye,” she said looking him up and down, “I thought you were nothing more than a two-dimensional card-board … Continue reading

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Write Anything Wednesday #105

It wouldn’t have been any sort of surprise now would it to let him go untethered into the world of words. Write anything and off he would go pouring out words in some sort of fashion that might and more … Continue reading

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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 20 – The Unsaid

For today’s prompt, write a poem of what goes unsaid. It was the unsaid that drew our attention That’s why it was unsaid. There were feelings to consider Decorum, convention and dignity. What if the truth were revealed Shame would … Continue reading

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Wordle #81 “October 5, 2015” – Johnno

This week’s words: Warehouse Board Concession Personal Scurrilous (grossly obscene, abusive) Animal Gasp Ferment Scab Rivet (a metal pin for passing through holes in two or more plates or pieces to hold them together, usually made with a head at one … Continue reading

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Wordle #66 “June 22 2015″ – ‘Stinging’ Nettle

This week’s words: Converge Prod Burrow Messiah Tendon Gag Poultice Limit Intenerate (to make soft or tender; soften) Peroxide Generosity Nettle John Nettle was a most spiky character, There was nothing intenerate about him. He didn’t have a soft side … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – Feb. 9th, 2015 – Juliette

Finish the story begins with:  “Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.” It didn’t long and Juliette began to feel fishing was like her life…slow. She had not spent all those years of rigorous … Continue reading

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Wordle Prompt # 43 – 12 January 2015 – Scarecrow

This weeks fun words: Padlock Glamour Ditch Perversity Fade Affinity Parallel Desticate (to squeak like a rat) Jagged Scarecrow Hungry Currant (a small seedless raisin) Scarecrow looked across the table at me. We hadn’t seen each other in twenty years … Continue reading

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