Fiction Friday Prompt #8 – The Dog Planet


Today’s prompt is to write in 3rd Person Point of View about a either a teenager or 60 yr. old (or both?) about to embark on a dangerous adventure.

Grandad was adamant that he could do it.

The journey would be a ‘piece of cake’ to quote him.

After all he sad what could go wrong journeying six light years to Planet Mans to see his old school buddy Petro Civoleela.

People did every day he argued and there was no stopping him. One thing I could say about grandad he was a determined old cove when he set his sights on something he wanted to do.

Planet Mans was a new colony across the other side of the Pacific Galaxy a once thought of destination so far away as to make it impossible for humans to ever get there in their lifetime.

But with new wormhole technology it was now possible to travel these great distances in a short space of time.

Grandad was sixty-two at the time and a reasonably fit man for his age.

We stood at the take off terminal and bade him farewell.

A day later we heard the news that flight 67/01 was in trouble somewhere near the dog planet Joey…

We waited anxiously for news of their plight.

During the day radio contact was made with the ship and it appeared everyone on board was ok but that the ship was caught in the gravitational pull of the dog planet. If they couldn’t repair the damaged turbo hyper driver then disaster was to befall the entire ship.

Everything had gone pear shape when a rogue asteroid had collided with the ship. Thus the damage. Therefore our concern and worry.

Grandad was the last of my grandparents. His wife had left him for a robot some years before and that action only cemented our belief that she was obviously crackers.

Without her he had flourished, found ways to renew himself and we were, despite our initial reservations, inwardly happy to see him take off on this journey.

There followed a series of sleepless nights, communications where haphazard but we prayed and kept vigil for any news.

My sister suggested we prepare for bad news, as the situation grew dimmer.

Knowing grandad as I did I knew he would be very positive about the situation he was in…whatever happened I knew he would be ok…it was us I was concerned about.

On the fourth morning came news in the form of a message from him.

He was well, in good spirits and told us that he may not come back from this flight and in fact if he reached Planet Mans he had plans with Pedro to stay indefinitely. He knew we would have protested had he told us before he left. He was sorry to do this but as his current predicament looked dire he wanted us to know of his decision and that he loved us and always would.

We all looked at each other, flabbergasted at this news.

But his present issues were more pressing. At least on Planet Mans we would know he was alive.

Here was a day with no news.

Communications had been lost.

His demise was sudden. No one would have wished for Grandad to have gone out that way.

We held a memorial service for him during which we retold the stories about him that we knew he loved to hear.

We told a few he probably didn’t want to hear as well.

But it was, as we knew he would have wanted. A celebration of his life. We toasted him numerous times, we shed tears, we laughed, we remembered a man who was so much a part of our lives we wondered how we might get along with out him.

But as his Grandson Jack said: ‘He had a lot of stories didn’t he.’

Looking at each other we knew we had heard Grandad’s voice through the mouth of young Jack and yes we agreed he had a lot of stories.

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7 Responses to Fiction Friday Prompt #8 – The Dog Planet

  1. I love the adventurous grandfather and that there is someone to carry on the missions…

  2. loricarlson66 says:

    This is an amazing story, Michael! You got me with the science fiction flare and I love how adventurous this grandfather was… the ending is perfect!

  3. loricarlson66 says:

    Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    A wonderful Sci-fi adventure story using Friday’s Fiction prompt!

  4. mandy says:

    Seems Grandad chose his own lot in life- went out the way he would have wanted, and made his final chapter the most amazing. Very cool story, Michael.

  5. phylor says:

    Great story, from a great story-teller!

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