“Words to Write By” Prompt #8 – Marigold

This week’s words: review fume downstairs marigold bitter steady unemployment helicopter misery western

Marigold was fuming.

Again her boyfriend had let her down.

She had come downstairs that morning after a night of massage oils and absolute delights that had left her gasping and her bits still aquiver.

Her boyfriend, Manuel, was by trade an unemployed helicopter pilot and she had that sudden bitter taste in her mouth realising he had yet again done a runner on her.

So much she thought for his promises of a cooked breakfast, of a cleansing massage upon the kitchen table and lunch at the Steady Eddie Steakhouse that afternoon.

This had happened that once too many times for Marigold and she decided it was time to review her relationship with a man who clearly hovered just above the status of bald-faced liar.

Her emotional misery was obvious as she rode out that day. It was time to make a change. Change was always good.

She stopped at Harry’s Cowboy store and bought herself the most expensive western outfit he had.

Turning her car onto the highway she set her GPS for the most western place she could think of and let the car do the rest.

Written for: https://therattlingbones.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/words-to-write-by-prompt-8/

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9 Responses to “Words to Write By” Prompt #8 – Marigold

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    Wow Michael! That is one awesome piece of flash fiction… a great protagonist, conflict and resolution… she’ll show him! Love it from start to finish!

  2. loricarlson66 says:

    Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    Great Flash Fiction using Thursday’s Daily Prompt

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  3. I loved this. Now, I wonder how it turned out for Marigold.

  4. mandy says:

    His loss, but then helicopter pilots aren’t suited to western girls anyway. I think Marigold’s going to be just fine. I do wish she could at least have had lunch at Steady Eddies! Great little read, Michael.

  5. mj6969 says:


    I love the playfulness of this piece Michael 🙂 You’ve taken a potentially explosive situation/scenario and created a wonderful twist – that ensures smiles all around 😉

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