Wordle #84 “October 26, 2015” The Girl with the Strawberry Birthmark


This week’s words: Elapse Birthmark Auburn Haunted Acanthus (any of several plants of the genus Acanthus, of the Mediterranean region, having spiny or toothed leaves and showy, white or purplish flowers.) Flare Unaccountable Mighty Loathsome Tumultuous (highly agitated, as the mind or emotions; distraught; turbulent.) Dollhouse Acidic

It was the discarded dollhouse in the street that first alerted us to the tumultuous events happening inside of number 65.

Not long after the girl whom we knew lived in the front room with the strawberry birthmark was found in the back yard dishevelled and muttering incoherently about a ghost in the house.

It seemed like no time at all had elapsed before the whole gruesome saga came out.

Number 65 was an old house; it was reported by many who had lived there over the years to be haunted. Strange sounds in the night, things found moved about in the house and the unaccountable sounds of children playing in the backyard when everyone knew the girl with the birthmark had no siblings and rarely went outside.

The mother was a likeable lady; she tended her garden and had a flare for growing the most stunning acanthus around her front entrance, which always gave the impression of a showy flowery entrance to the house.

The father on the other hand was a rather loathsome man with a nasty acidic nature that he exercised on anyone who ventured into the yard. It was as if he had a chip on his shoulder, that life owed him something and that whatever mighty power there was in the universe was going to get a good tongue lashing from him should they ever come face to face.

Needless to say the upheaval caused a lot of talk. The family began to pack up and move out saying the haunting was too much and was destroying their family life.

The girl with the birthmark was sent away and never seen nor heard of again.

The family must have hit upon some good luck for they were often seen in the shopping centre with a child in a pram, an expensive pram and both mother and father were better dressed than we ever saw them at Number 65.

We wondered about the child, her rich auburn hair and smiling face seemed nothing like the demeanour of the girl with the birthmark.

The parents acted as if relieved the girl was gone as if she was not only a burden but bad luck as well.

The dollhouse sat in front of their house for weeks before the garbage man gathered it and threw in the back of his truck.

I missed it when it went as I think I was the only one who noticed it faced a different direction each day.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/wordle-84-october-26-2015/

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16 Responses to Wordle #84 “October 26, 2015” The Girl with the Strawberry Birthmark

  1. What an intriguing tale Michael you leave me wanting to know everything about the girl with strawberry birthmark! I love the little addition at the end with the house changing directions.

  2. J Lapis says:

    WOW–indeed intriguing, especially the end note; I wanted the story to go on…

  3. Wonderful story telling. Wordsmithing continues a pace!

  4. creepy but wonderful tale at the same time, Michael 🙂

  5. Odd houses hold their secrets well. And, you have written a haunting haunted story very well.
    “A story to set the mood and tone for Hallowe’en,” she thought. “I wonder what my spirits are planning.”

  6. Lyn says:

    An interesting tale that has you asking for more. Was the girl sent away or has the father done away with her? Is the house ghost holding her captive in the dollhouse along with the children who were heard playing in the backyard? Great take on the prompt words once again 🙂

  7. clothespeggedpat says:

    Creepy spooky with questions fleshing out in answers unknown …. but an intriguing character – the girl with the strawberry birthmark …. interesting write Michael as your mind soars to new heights 🙂

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