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FFfAW-Week of 10-20-2015 – Lepidoptera Viciousness.

Are you sure its one? Certain. But you said they were extinct. I thought they were too. So what do we do? Stand still for one. It’s dangerous? Rip your throat faster than you can say run. But it’s a … Continue reading

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poetry 101 rehab: rain

‘Listen to the falling rain listen to it fall’ That lyric line from my childhood Has stayed with me. I loved playing the song, I loved the rain. Though when there is too much And water starts up my backyard … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – Oct. 19th, 2015 – Drop Bears

Finish the story begins with:   “Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.” As prepared as he was with every survival technique finely honed he felt there was one aspect of this journey … Continue reading

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Wordle #83 “October 19, 2015” – Lisa Gambol

This week’s words: Tenable (capable of being held, maintained, or defended, as against attack or dispute) Lateral Avian Lissome (supple, flexible) Nunchi (the subtle art of listening which allows you to gauge other people’s mood and respond appropriately.) Gambol (to skip … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #129 “NoEnd House Part 8″ – Mister Smith

The image is of a pitcher I bought in a 2nd hand store. Your word is “Method” You don’t have to use the actual word in your piece but do include its essence. For those of you writing a cohesive … Continue reading

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SoCS Oct 17/15 – Still

This week’s prompt: ‘still’ Sit still. Hold still. I wont tell you again. Sit still. Its takes longer if you don’t sit still. Stop it. WHACK. A blow landed across my head. I was stunned. I sat still after that. … Continue reading

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Lucky #13 Music Prompt: Desert Raven performed by Jonathan Wilson – He Asks I’ve been through the desert on a horse with a name, The raven himself croaks the entrance Of any and all who dare step upon The toes of the rich and famous. The old man sat under the awning … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver# 35 – The Wicked Witch and her Animal Companion – Miss Marble and Sal

Image: © Rose’s Garden used with permission Miss Marble had had one forgettable day. At her feet sat her faithful hound Sal. She and Sal had been around a long time. Her life elixir worked as well on Sal as … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge# 82, October 13, 2015 – Monster in My Garden

This week Yves is asking us to go out into your own garden/city and find something bizarre/fantastical to photograph (if possible) and write about. It can be an animal, insect, person, building, food/beverage, festival etc. Commotion Chaos Mayhem Calls here … Continue reading

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Wordle #82 “October 12, 2015” – Lychee

This week’s words: Katydid Placenta Melancholy Nocturnal Vacillate (to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute: to sway unsteadily; waver; totter; stagger.) Laotang (in English: old sames; written: 老同 in Mandarin is a type of relationship within Chinese culture, … Continue reading

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