Photo Challenge# 82, October 13, 2015 – Monster in My Garden


This week Yves is asking us to go out into your own garden/city and find something bizarre/fantastical to photograph (if possible) and write about. It can be an animal, insect, person, building, food/beverage, festival etc.




Calls here and there



Amongst the ferns I spied this monstrosity.

Red raw it seemed as if waiting.

Who would be fool enough to come close?

The brown ooze uninviting

The inflammation obvious

Would it pounce?

Was it waiting?

I wasn’t going to find out.

The spindly tentacles

Reached out to invite the gullible

They appeared to appeal

But their colour

Repulsive, we stepped back

Photographed it

Sought answers

Went to the nursery

‘No idea,’ said an expert gardener

‘But it looks like a fungus.’

Back home and there it was

A starfish fungus

As large as the palm of my hand

His sticky centre a death trap.

An hour later I went back

But he had begun to fade

Withering as the moments past.

Since then I have seen a few small ones

But this large fungus

With his flesh exposed

Remains my garden’s hidden


Except of course for the fernery fairies

Who stay well away

When a stinky sticky end is on the cards.

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16 Responses to Photo Challenge# 82, October 13, 2015 – Monster in My Garden

  1. That thing looks evil! 😁

  2. That is a creepy looking fungus isn’t it yikes! In NC they have star-nosed moles

    I was gardening and dug one of these bizarre little critters out by accident. They aren’t aggressive I mean it was a sweet little thing but they do look awfully peculiar.

  3. clothespeggedpat says:


    wow – it’s amazing the diversity of creatures, bits and bobs, blobs and goo and all kinds of stuff that exists on this incredible planet!

    I’ve never seen anything like it – and all I can say is: if I accidentally stumbled across that in my gardening travels – I’d be spooked but curious 😉

    Great write here – loved the flow and how it all just came together Michael 🙂

  4. Lyn says:

    it’s an Aseroe rubra
    it was the first native Australian fungus to be formally described, in 1800 when discovered in Tasmania 🙂

  5. Lyn says:

    But it definitely looks more sinister than that. I’d call it the Martian star marauder 😀

  6. Really quite a disgusting looking thing, I understand why the fairies would stay clear!

  7. That looks scary, and I can see why the fairies find it so uninviting!

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