Wordle #82 “October 12, 2015” – Lychee


This week’s words: Katydid Placenta Melancholy Nocturnal Vacillate (to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute: to sway unsteadily; waver; totter; stagger.) Laotang (in English: old sames; written: 老同 in Mandarin is a type of relationship within Chinese culture, which was practiced in Hunan, that bonded two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters.) Written Twitch Ravine Lychee (a Chinese fruit, can also refer to the tree looks like so http://sociallizard.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Lychee.jpg) Assist Anemic

It was late and the earth was settling for another day. All things nocturnal were about their nocturnal habits, the katydid’s doing what they did best ‘katydid, katydid, katydid’ for as long as the thought would drive a deaf man crazy.

He had a sense melancholy on this night. The hot summer was taking its toll on him and every one around him.

He had in his lap a bowl of fresh lychees. These were his favourite fruit and cold and on a hot evening they were the best at soothing his hot brow. Madame Laotang his local Chinese massage and green grocer had received a shipment in from the mainland and was rationing them out to her regular customers.

They were known to assist anyone feeling and or looking anaemic and in his current melancholy he knew they would be just the thing to lift him from his lethargy.

His lethargy had to do with a paper he had written the week before. It had taken a toll of him as evidenced by his vacillating over the topic in the previous weeks.

His pet subject was botany and he so desperately wanted to write the definitive discourse on the placenta of the flowering daisy but he knew that Barney Langford was planning the same discourse and so it became a race against the clock to get his down and submitted before Barney had, plucked his, so to speak.

He had worked day and night, night and day and had by the end developed a recognisable twitch in his neck. Such was it that he began to resemble a marmoset monkey constantly looking about as if predators were about to pounce.

So tonight as he munched his way through the lychees, savouring every morsel his girlfriend Ravine came through the door. She was a tall girl, who often gave the impression of being deep and dangerous, but was in fact a sight to behold once you got to know her and explored her more thoroughly.

So the two sat together, lychee in hand, the katydids katydiding to their hearts content, the many nocturnal creatures exercising their vocal chords and thought to themselves how lucky they were to be alive and not anaemic like so many unfortunates denied the medicinal qualities of the humble lychee.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/wordle-82-october-12-2015/

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17 Responses to Wordle #82 “October 12, 2015” – Lychee

  1. J Lapis says:

    You do have a talent for weaving a scene, Michael–fabulous.

  2. Lyn says:

    Quirky and a perfect use of all the words, Michael 🙂

  3. I love how you used the words in such an unexpected way Michael, very creative. Katydids can indeed drive one mad, when too many get together they sound like an alien space ship. I love lychee flavored beverages but I haven’t had too many opportunities to eat the fruit.

  4. You had me at lychees I love them, what an interesting story you wove…the placenta of the flowering daisy you say…hmmmm

  5. Bastet says:

    I’m going to have to go get me some lychees … and of course if I could find a spiritual companion to eat them with … you know, when I read your writes sometimes I feel like I’m reading something written by Bobbie Gentry. There’s a matter of fact quality in your writes, an easy sort of just telling the story, that’s very appealing. Here’s an example of what I mean … not exactly but more or less: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoMF_mSeWJo

  6. mandy says:

    I’ve never had a lychee, but I have heard they are good, so I’ll put that on my bucket list. I have heard the katydids katydiding and my ears are still ringing 😀

  7. clothespeggedpat says:

    This is another fascinating story – as Bastet noted, there is so often a “matter of fact” quality to your voice – that the reader just accepts the words written as being just so …. and this makes it so easy and comfortable to read your most intriguing stories Michael 🙂

    Lychees are delicious – as is this story. And wow, you did an amazing job working with the wordle – love how you manage to pluck and pull senses and directions unexplored and tapped when you wordle!

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