Lucky #13 Music Prompt: Desert Raven performed by Jonathan Wilson – He Asks

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with a name,

The raven himself croaks the entrance

Of any and all who dare step upon

The toes of the rich and famous.

The old man sat under the awning

The traffic beeps, shouting good morning

He turns his hearing aid down a notch

As an old Dylan song blasts the morning chill.

A mother dresses her son, his lunch ready

His homework bulging in his backpack

Her thoughts a thousand miles away

To a man who promised love for servitude.

The man in the newspaper shop is crying

Its all too much he wails as he sinks to the floor

The music has died, the songs gone to crap

Where have all those flowers gone.

A whole generation pissing in the wind

Others settled in strawberry field, forgot up from down

The lost and lonely found solace in smoking their end

And humpty dumpty was Mary’s love child.

In the end he asks does it matter

Where we come from, where we go

We repeat the sins of the past with gay abandon

We are the product of the puppet kings.

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15 Responses to Lucky #13 Music Prompt: Desert Raven performed by Jonathan Wilson – He Asks

  1. I would have liked to listen to the music whilst reading your words, but couldn’t. 😟 I did enjoy this Mike, had a bit of everything.

  2. J Lapis says:

    WOW, Michael–you packed this full and rich!

  3. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    woven in a good sprinkling of oldies so cleverly

  4. “In the desert, they don’t remember your name.” (America, Horse with No Name)
    They’ll remember yours — too good a write to be forgotten!

  5. Such a feeling of hopelessness. Great take on the prompt.

  6. A shot right to the cockels of my heart! Love the style, images, colors.. could go on for hours 🙂 Reminds me of songs performed by Small Faces in their album, Ogdens Nut Flake (1968)

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