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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 14

This weeks prompt gave me much to think about. On the one hand, you could argue that as I am now retired aspirations as such no longer matter, employment-wise. It’s more about enjoying each day as it comes past. So, … Continue reading

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FFfAW-Week of 10-06-2015 – First Night Out

My first night on the big stage was at the Freckle Theatre. My manager convinced me that my act was worthy of the big stage, big lights, big audience. Well two out of three isn’t so bad I guess. I … Continue reading

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Wordle #29 – The Scriptwriter

This weeks words to play with: Burnish (polish, brighten) Drivel (foolish talk) Theatre Limp Stamp Sciamachy (an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy) Vulnerability Fountain Shame Patient Ancestral Stare ‘This script Johnny is drivel!’ If … Continue reading

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Poem 132 – I Wanted to Write a Poem Today.

I wanted to write a poem today But no words came Not a one. As if my muses were on holiday Moved out Needed a break. Sit and ponder though I Of metaphors and figures of speech Twist words into … Continue reading

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Prompt #70 “Speed Challenge” – Poems in 20 Minutes

Image: Jeeyoung Lee Today’s challenge is to write as many poems as you can in twenty minutes. We are also asked to submit everything we wrote. Well you asked for it. Here’s what I did in twenty minutes. 1 Twenty … Continue reading

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Prompt #69 “A Dream Come True?” – Alison

Alison remembered vividly her father coming home from work and saying quite clearly to her that meticulousness was a virtue one that would hold her in good stead all of her life. She remembered the day, as it was the … Continue reading

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Poem 95 – Lacey’s Story

When I sleep I do so with a knife A trusty ally, I will act before running Should any low life try violating me again.   I am not a bad person.   In the face of you wanting to … Continue reading

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