Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 14


This weeks prompt gave me much to think about. On the one hand, you could argue that as I am now retired aspirations as such no longer matter, employment-wise. It’s more about enjoying each day as it comes past.

So, I’ll look at each section and see what conclusions I come to.

Strengths: Resilience is one. Health issues can be debilitating at any time but when you are ageing the problem is exacerbated because you want a quality of life that will sustain you and allow you to exercise some of your goals, such as travel and relationship.

So, I combine that with determination. I listen to all of my medical people, and I determine to follow their advice based on their experience in their respective fields. I do so knowing some days I will fail miserably and when I do it’s about recognising not just the failure but why you did so. Then it’s about picking yourself up, give yourself a good talking to and determine the next day to do better. I should point out that I don’t berate myself to the point of giving up, I do believe we have to be kind to ourselves when we recognise our weaknesses.

Opportunities: Sometimes it’s just recognising an opportunity when it comes past. It doesn’t mean the opportunity to climb tall mountains or explore the Antarctic wildness’s, but often it can be about seeing internal opportunities where your brain might be challenged. So often we become creatures of habit, and as such we become resistant to change and or challenge.

For example, this prompt for me is an opportunity to explore aspects of myself that I might not otherwise give a lot of thought to. Things I might take for granted.

I think the best opportunities are those that fire your imagination, that motivate you to do something about them, that offer you change in your daily life you are more than willing to embrace.

Aspirations: For me, it’s about staying motivated to do the things I find most enjoyable. Engaging with people who have had different life experiences, listening to them and learning from them, after all, you are never too old to learn something.

I’d love to engage in the physical nature of love again. Being alone is not always the fun place to be, being able to share things in life you find enjoyable and fulfilling with another person I think would add a richness to those experiences.

Results: Well I’m still alive, so that’s one result I think I am happy to report on. I think being able to write as I do and on occasion find a fellow blogger who has enjoyed what I have written is a plus as well.

The ability to engage with people and find they are interested in what I have to say and not run ‘screaming’ from my presence…

I think too the relationships I have nurtured with my children serve me in good stead as today I know if I need them they will come to my aid.


In lots of ways I know my life is ‘soaring’, I am grateful for what I have in life as I know I am lucky to have reasonable health and a roof over my head.


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3 Responses to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 14

  1. Reena Saxena says:

    Thank you for taking this prompt as an ‘opportunity’, as it is meant to be that.

    Best wishes for SOARing higher in life, and thanks for joining in with the honest, incisive posts.

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