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Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018

Photo by Kat Myrman 2018 She said to follow her. It would be something I’d always remember. She reached out to hold my hand as we pushed through the last bushes. There was the garden, the seat she’d spoken of … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge – Week of 07-05-2016 – Ralph’s Plan

Image: Thanks to Yinglan Ralph looked through the wire, he saw what he hated most. The bloody Yorkies running round like they owned the place. He and his mate Fluffhead were forever confined to the cage and it just wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Love Is In Da Blog” February – This is Us

Dawn is breaking The morning light seeps through the gloom Illuminating the place we are in. I look at you, Asleep in my bed. I listen to your breathing Watch your face, your eyes aflutter in dreams. Are you in … Continue reading

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Meeting the Bar ~ I’ve Got a Little List – Shopping

Across the breakfast table She winks, smiles, snarls An impish grin Got the list? Waving it in the air I read: Eggs, ham, butter A packet of beans, Ice-cream, 6 titbats. What are titbats? To play tit with? She laughs … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – October 14th 2014 – Mudds Farm

I have stood so often at my back fence staring out over the fields behind me in wonder at the skill and ability of the family who have farmed this patch of land for all the years of my life. … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #27 “Milking the Moon” – Moon Milk Elixir

Image: Christian Schloe My Uncle Albert made a fortune from milking the moon. All for his own benefit I must add. As each full moon would approach Albert would call a town meeting and pontificate about the evils that could … Continue reading

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SoCS August 23/14

Begin with a preposition….. At the third tone it will be…….I listened to this endless times when I was growing up, why? No idea, I think I was intrigued with the notion that a person spoke those lines ad nausea. … Continue reading

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Poetics: Joel Robison’s Photography – A Light Flashes

Image: Joel Robison   When a light flashes You sit up You notice Your attention seized Curiosity piqued. What is the distraction? A light flashes hope Possibility Deep down you feel a stirring Your bits a-tingling. You flush with excitement. … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grogan

  Earlier this year one of my students did my portrait for an assessment task. Two weeks ago she presented it to me and today I received it back from the framers. Below is the artist’s statement, I might add … Continue reading

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