Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018


Photo by Kat Myrman 2018

She said to follow her.
It would be something I’d always remember.
She reached out to hold my hand as we pushed through the last bushes.
There was the garden, the seat she’d spoken of under the tree.
It was here she took me into the wonderful world of her love and affection. (272 characters)


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10 Responses to Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018

  1. Beautiful Michael. We almost bought a property that had a garden tucked away like this. The thing was it was next door to the village hall, and we’d just got away from 7 years of that. We swore never again.

  2. Kat Myrman says:

    Oh my…how romantic…and steamy! 😉

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    I like this soft side of you 💜

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