Photo Challenge #225 – Kelsay’s Angel Wings


Image: ezorenier @ deviantart

Kelsay hated her angel wings.

The damn things were such a nuisance.

From an early age, she had been aware she a different kid to the other kids in her neighbourhood. Her mum was so proud her daughter had been blessed with the wings such that she thought her daughter a manifestation of the divine.

Most of the time Kelsay kept them hidden, but upon reaching puberty, the wings had taken on a life of their own.

They had become huge and unwieldy. Just as she was getting to the age of showing interest in boys and looking for a date or two to come her way the wings had made things very difficult.

She could compress them into her back and appear for the most part like she had slightly rounded shoulders and that she could cope with.

It all came to a head when she went out with Jack Jarvis to the movies. Jack was the perfect gentleman, he bought her popcorn and a drink, was attentive to her and they had a really good time. Plus, the movie kept their attention.

On the way home, they stopped in the park, and Jack wanted to kiss her. Kelsay as willing and felt her body rise considerably with the contact with his lips.

The next thing she knew the wings came to life and burst out of her back, through her shirt and surrounded the terrified Jack.

Not knowing what was happening apart from his immediate fear, Jack ran as fast as he could home leaving the disappointed Kelsay in the park.

From that day on Kelsay was shunned by the boys, they kept a wide arc around her, and she found herself the butt of many a joke.

Kelsay retreated to the safety of her bedroom and made sure each day she went out her wings were tucked well and truly away.

What’s the point she asked herself? Why me?

That night she had a visitor.


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5 Responses to Photo Challenge #225 – Kelsay’s Angel Wings

  1. rugby843 says:

    And? Sir, more please

  2. I’ve only just read it, and I’m asking too Michael!

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