“Love Is In Da Blog” February – This is Us


Dawn is breaking

The morning light seeps through the gloom

Illuminating the place we are in.

I look at you,

Asleep in my bed.

I listen to your breathing

Watch your face, your eyes aflutter in dreams.

Are you in a place where magic happens?

Are you running from fear?

Do you see me?

You reached out a tentative hand

Shy but wanting contact.

I drew in a breath

The second our hands met,

Fingers linked, entwined, locked.

That one act helped overcome our apprehension.

Did you think I would flee from you?

I want you too.

From the very moment I saw you

I had designs on you

You’ve never let me down.

You came into my bed,

Chased each of my desires

You played the winning hand

I lie here savouring our moment.

When you awake will you want me again?

Will you see me, as I was last night?

I am what you see.

The morning light heralds expectations

Learning once again to love.

You are a gentle man

I crave your touch for

None have kissed me as you do

I feel my soul has returned.

The light grows stronger

My fear rises,

What if?

You don’t see the girl from last night.

My heart pounds in my chest

Am I not the same?

In the cool of the morning

Sated from your play

Your eyes, staring into mine

We can be and dream of tomorrow,

For this is us.


Written for: https://justfoolingaroundwithbee.wordpress.com/category/love-is-in-da-blog/

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13 Responses to “Love Is In Da Blog” February – This is Us

  1. theblogwoman says:

    Romantic. Powerful❤️

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Ooh…. you’ve captured that moment of possibility and trepidation perfectly! ❤

  3. morgaine620 says:

    Indeed you did and it’s funny that even when you are with a partner for a long time this happens over and over again while your love changes and grows :-). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. mj6969 says:

    This is truly a a great piece – the senses – you’ve captured them very well, as previously noted. I was quite literally, holding my breath …. so great job Michael 🙂

    • Thank you Mercy, glad you found it so.
      I hope you don’t mind but I may use a line from a comment you made early (trolls) for a prompt I am thinking of doing.

      • mj6969 says:

        Oh my, I am flattered! 😉 Actually, once I’ve written something and hit the send or publish button, it’s more than available 🙂

        Thanks for asking though, that is very kind and thoughtful – and then, if you do use it or whatever, or not, but create this prompt, please let me know – I’m always interested in reading great stories, yarns and thoughtful pieces by you Michael 🙂

      • It’s for Bee’s love prompt about celebrate, I don’t feel all that celebratory so it may not be as you suspect. But as always I’ll explore and see where it takes me.

      • mj6969 says:

        However, whenever, whatever – it matters not how I think it will be interpreted, but rather, where you feel like taking it –

        And, well, I do hope you cheer up – it sounds like you could use a cup or 3 of some good will and care right about now. If this is the case, know that I’m sending you positive light and energies your way – and you can always email me: mercyjames6969@gmail.com

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