SoCS February 7/15 – Love/Hate


This week’s prompt is: Opposites in emotion combined with Bee’s great ‘Love is da Blog’ prompt for February.

I have a love /hate relationship with food.

I love to eat but I hate what it does to me.

Somewhere you’d think there would be a balance.

At present the balance is skewed in the hate direction.

There is an explanation of course, its genetics and its medications. The stuff I take to keep me on the straight and narrow is working well as far I can tell, the blood tests etc. all point me in the right direction but there are side effects of some drugs one being a desire to eat, of feeling hungry a lot of the time.

It’s a daily struggle but one I am determined to win and as I age it’s becoming a matter of eating right and exercise. The best way to lose weight is of course to watch what goes into your mouth and I have to admit to being a bit of a grazer. I graze on the foods I am allowed to eat, far too much, that is the problem.

So my whinge over what I love about food is the infinite variety. When I was recently in Japan I decided to eat whatever landed in front of me. It was two weeks of walking and eating, I loved it. One night we went to a hotel for dinner with a Japanese friend. We had I think about 8 or 9 dishes before stopped to full to continue but each dish was presented as the Japanese do, as a work of art, and covered I think all food groups. A wonderful experience.

In a previous life I was married and my mother in law would make what she called an Apple Blossom Pie. It was a dessert to die for. I think it had enough calories in it to satisfy you for a year but it was the best of pies. Homemade pastry, an apple mix, and on top this soft pink topping your taste buds rejoiced in savouring.

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Now days I love to cook, I didn’t always, when I was married and later in another failed relationship cooking was fraught with danger, one slip up and you were made to suffer usually the embarrassment of having to clean it off the floor after it was thrown at you. I was good at cleaning floors.

But now even my children are amazed by how I am able to put ingredients in a pot and have them taste ok. As was evidenced this past week when I contributed three dishes to our multi-cultural night.

I would like to think apart from my personal issues with food that I have more loves than hate. I don’t like what it does to me but I love the exploration of cooking, nothing too complicated I have to add; simple food for a simple man is how I see it.


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12 Responses to SoCS February 7/15 – Love/Hate

  1. That pudding looks amazing and I am so sorry you have had to put up with food humiliation in the past. I have the same struggles with meds and food it is an ongoing battle but we can beat it right? X

  2. JackieP says:

    Ah, the food love/hate relationship. I know it well. I’ve never had anyone throw food at me though. Sorry Michael you had relationships with such poor mannered women. I would be grateful if a man cooked for me! 🙂

  3. Hope Floats says:

    Ahhhh…That might be one I’ll bake next weekend….after I burn off the million calories from this weekend’s baking endeavors…

  4. mj6969 says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve had such bad mannered women in your life, and that it sullied your appreciation of food for a time. Simple food for a simple man – absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. Often the best prepared meals are 3 or 4 ingredients, great seasons, and the love you’ve put into them while preparing it all. Great company just adds to the pleasures.

    How many don’t have issues with food in some way? Probably easier to ask it this way, because nowadays, if it isn’t psychological issues it’s food allergies, or as you mention – medications and unwanted side effects, like increased appetites, or in my case, automatic weight gain, even if I cut back or try to be more careful in how much I eat, etc. But we shall overcome – and when I think of the millions who starve, including here, in my own backyard (Canada) I am grateful despite the “problems” I face.

    • The past is the past and now is now.
      I keep being told I should let go of my past. I do try but some things are a little ulcerous.
      Thanks so much for your comment. Eating for me is a daily struggle. But I am doing ok today, so far.

      • mj6969 says:

        Well, courage and one step, moment at a time, as it is with all our efforts.

        Yes, the past may be past – but sometimes it’s just too damn hard – there are scars and wounds, even if they are slivers of what they once were, that hold terrible and traumatic sway over us – and so it is we do the best we can – and some days are better than others.
        I honestly think that we release pains and scars when we are ready – and yes, there can be times when we will always carry a part of it with us – but the effects will affect us less – we will have regained our power over it, and then, however it happens, in its own time, we will have “won.”
        In the meantime, if permission is granted – a hug or 3 for you, my friend? (((Michael)))

      • Hugs gratefully received and returned.
        In many ways I have ‘won’.
        I am where I am today because I took a bold step.
        Really my life is ok, so long as it’s just me.

      • mj6969 says:

        Thank you and there are as many offered (hugs) when needed.

        Well, then I applaud you and your choices – in the end, upon meditation and examination, deep deep down, we *know* what’s best for us – and if you have found it – mostly, or alot, then I’m cheering for you. 🙂

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