Haibun Thinking – October 14th 2014 – Mudds Farm


I have stood so often at my back fence staring out over the fields behind me in wonder at the skill and ability of the family who have farmed this patch of land for all the years of my life.

There has been three generations of farming family, growing, ploughing, fertilizing and harvesting this land.

With the passing seasons the crops are rotated. The cash crop he is cutting now will be raked and left for several days before in the dead of night I will hear his harvester gathering the rows of drying lucerne and converting them into bails of stock feed.

As I child I would stand in admiration of the men and women who laboured under the hot summer sun gathering the potatoes his digger would turn up for them to gather first in tin drums and then into large bags, filled to capacity and then tied ready for market.

Today human hands rarely touch the produce, though they still gather the water melons by hand when he harvests them much to our entertainment as the farmer swears and curses and constantly yells abuse at the slowness of his workers.

Over the years this vista, my ‘ocean view’ has remained, I never tire of looking at what is happening as each day there is some activity.

Soil tilled in love

Abounding in natures treasure

Livelihood nurtured.

Written for: http://haibunthinking.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/haibun-thinking-october-14th-2014/

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20 Responses to Haibun Thinking – October 14th 2014 – Mudds Farm

  1. mandy says:

    I love your view, Michael. Until eight months ago, I had a similar view. And in that time heavy machinery has taken over–only not in a farming way. Instead, 400 homes are popping up, 50 at a time and I almost can’t remember what the beautiful landscape looked like. So grateful for the farmers that hang in there–even with their up-to-date machinery they must bring in to keep up. It must be wonderful to have something out your door that remains the same since you were a boy.

  2. Laura M. says:

    I really enjoyed this. Such a great choice of form for this subject matter!

  3. JackieP says:

    I love the name, Mudds the farmers. Wonderful view, you are blessed Michael.

  4. Al says:

    I was hoping you would put something to do with your photo in there, and you didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed this. Thank you

    • You know I am looking at it now, never tire of the scene. That particular patch has been ploughed and planted with pumpkins I think, soon I shall know for sure. Thanks Al, I’d forgotten about that photo.

  5. Penny L Howe says:

    If I had a view as the one your words so wonderfully described, I’d never tire of it either, Michael. So very well written, my friend. I can feel the love, your haiku summing it up perfectly! xx

  6. Lyn says:

    I feel sorry for the farmers these days. Even more so after I read that Coles supermarket are wanting their suppliers to pay a “fine/levy” because they (Coles) aren’t making enough profit. I mean, hello, they pay the farmers little enough as it is. Woolworths supermarket have told their fresh food suppliers they can’t pay them as much as they were paying them, because they have to make up for what they have to fork out for Jamie Oliver.

  7. I’m with Lyn and Mr S is not a fan of W or Coles, as they as suppliers get screwed to the bone. Your view is, as I know, first hand lovely. So nice to sit out there and have a different view now and then, instead of the same ol’.

  8. Bastet says:

    To have such a natural sea of green beyond your window pane is wonderful … I feel the love you have for the nature, the march of the seasons, the wonder of life – although the times are so changed and ever changing … great haibu Michael .. Thanks for sharing both the photo and your thoughts.

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