Poetics – Under the Influence of Music


It was part of every day

Songs of the time

Blaring out

A first turntable

45’s gifted

Buddy Holly Raving On.

My words shaped to music

Several plays called ‘musicals’.

Melodies some borrowed

Most original

Captivated me.

Year long lasting memories

All so Charming.

Now its iPods packed with thousands of songs

Artists with one hit wonders

Long time favourites

Endlessly playing

Filling my mornings late evenings

Music to sleep to

Music to awaken to.

It follows me

I lust for the sounds

In every location

Any time

Driving music

Thumping beats

Rhythms, syncopating,

Such exciting artists

In so many genres

My senses awake to new music

Craving each week’s musical offerings.

Written for: http://dversepoets.com/2014/10/14/poetics-under-the-influence-of-music/

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31 Responses to Poetics – Under the Influence of Music

  1. Lyn says:

    I wish I could write to music. Sadly, my brain insists that music is for listening to and enjoying all on its own. There was only one time I was able to write to music and a that was in a lesson during a writing course at TAFE. Maybe I should try it again 🙂

  2. love love love this, Michael! music of all genres have their place in our lives and isnt`it wonderful that at our age, we are still open to more genres. 😀

  3. brian miller says:

    i def like those that are creative with their music…right now i am on a Jack white 3 kick cause he is always reinventing his rock-jazz style and every song sounds so different…music follows me…def jam out in the car…and when my co-worker and i are on planning period we turn it up in the office…ha

  4. one hit wonders are all the rage in this day and age…. music certainly does follow me; I’m rolling to the tunes of Keyshia Cole, Young Thug and some Pointer Sisters, currently…

  5. Grace says:

    That’s a lot of music to listen to, morning till night ~ But I agree on the genres, its all mix and match nowadays ~ I am glad you are open to new music ~

  6. Yup–I am an all genres girl too! Loved 45s!

  7. billgncs says:

    we do live in an age where almost any music is at our fingertips. Good thing it isn’t fattening!

  8. Gabriella says:

    My first records were 45s too. I felt as if I acquired a treasure when I bought one. Now I have my favorite songs on my iPhone and must say I enjoy having them wherever I go.

  9. Most definitely I listen to music – always surrounded by its beat. I have access to million of songs through streaming – but that feeling of unwrapping a new record of your own was something different.

  10. Ah you had me with this one, hook line and drum roll. Music makes the world go around as much as love. I’m often swaying and tapping the steering wheel when I drive, though I do get strange looks. Excellent my friend.

  11. arathi says:

    it’s music all the time..beautiful

  12. iPods.. iPads.. iPHones.. Youtube.. Google.. are all evidence of the TRUE POWER of the Heaven of now….

    Only a child’s dream of mine.. where music IS too expensive… to sample all of IT.. and answers are too hard to find.. in card catalogs of abridged knowledge.. in the morals of my fundamentalist town…

    The child’s dream has now come true..

    Truly HEAVEN IS NOW!

    AND i once again..

    AM CHILD!..:)


    for those who knowNOW

    how to TRULY LIVE tHere!

  13. Thank you so much, glad my words generate such thoughts in you.

  14. Abhra says:

    There is a clear contrast what music used to be and what it is today – you build that nicely and then still even in modern music there are elements that we yearn for – lovely piece.

  15. Technology has changed so much for the industry, but in the end the sound, the lyrics that resonate…it still inspires and moves us. I love discovering new artists off the beaten path.

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