SoCS October 18/14 – The Shape of Things


This weeks prompt is: Shape

It was they said the shape of things.

Hotter days, colder nights.

Humbug we all said. It had always been hot in summer and cold in winter. Where we lived was like that every year. Climate change we said was some scientist with nothing else to do but create a new theory and worry people.

But now it is all different. We do have hot summers, days and weeks with temps over 45+ and nights below zero.

It has become such that there is a four-hour shut down of the power grid on days over 45. In those times we shut up the house and sweat it out waiting for the time to be over so we can switch on the air con again.

We were never smart enough to buy the solar generators when they were available and affordable. ‘Waste of time and money,’ dad had said. ‘Hot days are what we have round here.’

So the solar people sit in their homes with their air con running on the hottest days while we swelter and wish we’d had the foresight they did.

There have been changes, day light saving has been abandoned, an extra hour of sunlight meant an extra drain on resources and they figured if the clock said 6am most people would stay in bed, and they do now.

We have noticed changes in the garden as well. Our tomatoes grow to sandwich slice size, there is so much more rain and the sudden heat seems to promote growth like we’ve never seen before. Just a good season dad had said the first time it happened and we were all celebrating his success as a gardener. Every thing in the garden is prolific, even the size of the bugs.

But the one thing that bothers me the most is the level of the creek behind our house. It was always a little trickling stream all through my childhood with the occasional rise after heavy rain but now its half way up the bank all the time and when it rains it floods over into our yard.

There is a definite change in the shape of things.

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14 Responses to SoCS October 18/14 – The Shape of Things

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Well, change is the one thing we can count on. Scary though. As change tends to be.

  2. Lyn says:

    How about the weather we’ve been having lately, Michael. It’s mid October, and the mornings here in Penrith have been 4C. Last year, Blackheath lost 200+ houses through bushfires. Last week, almost to the day, they had a blizzard and cars were covered with 20cm of snow!

  3. “For the times they are a changing” and yes solar would be the way to go.

  4. I think a tomato slice the size of a sandwich would be delightful. Nice post

    • Thanks John, sandwich size is ok its if they get any bigger and you need two hands to lift them should they grow to the size of pumpkins, then again how big will the pumpkin be??

  5. morgaine620 says:

    Lovely post, scary reality 🙂 thanks for sharing

  6. A very unique take on this prompt… Kind of a reality check of what is happening. Nicely done!

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