Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs


Miss R lived three doors down

Walked by every day

Spritely was the word we used.

As she aged

She slowed down

Until one day she stepped out

Stopped by our fence

Held onto the post

Breathing heavily

Looked momentarily defeated

As she looked ahead

Her destination

Seemed a light year away.

She struggled on,

Determination written on her face.

I asked her one-day if she was ok

‘I have a bone in my leg.’

It was her standard reply when asked.

Today she hobbled by once again

A third leg, extended from her right hand

Propping her up

Giving her confidence

Returning her independence.

She winked at me as she went by

‘New leg’ she said smiling broadly

‘Spritely eh?’

Miss R, has always been Miss R

No idea what the R stands for

Resilience I would think.

She lives three doors down

Walks by each day

Her three legs working together

Getting her there and back.

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9 Responses to Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs

  1. Lyn says:

    What a great character. I do hope Miss R is real. I wish I had a Miss R living near me, we could go walking together with our three legs 🙂

  2. JackieP says:

    Now I like that Miss R! She’s my kind of gal. Determined not to let things like a bum leg keep her down. Great story Michael.

  3. AJ says:

    We need more people like Miss R in the world. I had to smile at the ‘I’ve got a bone in my leg’ remark. My old dad used to be a gym coach and when he asked the youngsters to do a new move they would ask him to show them first. He always said he couldn’t because of the bone in his leg. I think it even extended to his arm when absolutely necessary!

  4. Nothing better than an elderly being spunky and spritely. Well done. Miss R. Keep on working those 3 legs. Nice story mate.

  5. RoSy says:

    Sweet story. That’s the spirit Mrs. R. 🙂
    Physical aging can be a pain in the buttocks.
    My dad is having issues walking – no third leg yet. I think he’s hoping the issue will resolve itself. Oh dad…

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