Prompt #72 “Sister Awake” – Hush!






They might hear you.

You don’t want them to know you are here.

You might be lucky and not see them today. But if not…then….then…..beware the puppet master!


If they catch you they do things to you.

Odd things.

Tie you with this gold stringy stuff, and you can’t get out of it, it binds you good and proper, and they leave you and you think you’ll never again be free, then you realise they are watching, as you struggle, twist and turn they are there in the background watching.

You think they must be laughing at you because you can think of no other reason to watch someone twist and turn themselves inside out.

I know all this because they caught me once. It was a night I was walking along Shadow Street looking for the Pieman’s shop and they jumped me.

Before I knew it, I was gone.

I was helpless, unable to move as they carried me off.

Its all a bit blurred remembering back, I’m sure there was some drug involved.

They dumped me and I fell, and kept falling, forever it seemed. Then I landed and the thump hurt my knee. I lay there, terrified, unable to move.

It was black as pitch but in the blackness there was a hum, and behind the hum a distant thump, thump, thump.

It was a soft hum, away to my left, it stayed constant, around me there was nothing I could feel, just the hum in my ears and the distant thump, thump, thump.

I rolled thinking I would find a wall but I didn’t, there was nothing only the hum and the distant thump, thump, thump.

My hands hurt from the bonds that bound me, they dug into my skin, the rolling had filled my nose with dirt.

The entire place was eerie. The hum was my only companion, where and what was it I asked myself. A machine? In time the hum seemed to throb in my ears, it drowned out the thump thump thump, then it would diminish to a soft almost soothing hum as if caressing me into a state of compliance.

Then a light came on. Brilliant, white light, blinding and the hum there in the background.

I was picked up, my bonds cut, blood flowed to my hands, I sensed relief.

They carried me to a room in which stood a huge green fountain, spewing out green water, it was mesmerising, a green like I had never seen before.

Then around the fountain I saw them. Looking at me, standing there, watching and all the while the hum was behind them.

I was lifted into the fountain, the green water washed over me, the sensation was like no other I had felt before, like my soul was being cleaned, my mind cleared of all and any obstacles.

The hum increased in volume, the thump thump thump became louder as well, they were swaying in time, eyes on me, bodies gyrating.

Then the water stopped, I was lifted and placed on a bed, my clothing was in tatters, my mind a swirl of thoughts, physically I was incapable of resistance.

Once on the bed they approached me, bent over my body, removing the bits of tattered cloth revealing my nakedness, I felt their feather like limbs running the length of my body, the sensation mind blowing.

I became aware of them peering into my eyes, as though they were looking into my brain, so intense was it my eyes burned until a bolt of pain wracked through me.

I awoke to find myself in Shadow Street. Yes I felt odd indeed. I recovered enough to feel myself all over, relieved that everything seemed to be where it should be. My clothing now repaired lay beside me.

It took awhile to understand what it was that was wrong. Even dressing and standing up to look around, relived that I was away from them could shake from me the feeling that I was now somehow different.

It was the hum. It was still there, between my ears, humming away. Thankfully the thump, thump, thump had stopped.

I didn’t sleep for several days, fear does that to you. I don’t know why its still there but it is and now after all this time I am used to it.

Occasionally it gets a little louder, I suspect to remind me that they are still around, watching.

So hush!

Don’t let them hear you.

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31 Responses to Prompt #72 “Sister Awake” – Hush!

  1. Ooh!! Very atmospheric! Great take on the prompt!! 🙂

  2. This makes me think of an alien abduction so surreal and enveloping! The repetition of the sounds is very effective. Excellent job Michael I loved it!

  3. Pat says:

    This is incredibly wonderful Michael. Absolutely fascinating and so well written. I was engrossed and captured from the beginning to the end. You have cycled it so well – the repetition of the words and the idea – necessity of being quiet; “hush” is such an odd word – implying need or necessity, forceful but fearful – yet somehow, soothing and calm. It is a great choice of words and I think this is most excellent. 🙂

  4. I didn’t realise how frightening the word ‘hush’ could be. Very well written Michael.

  5. That picture is very cool.
    I’ve always thought that marionettes and ventriloquist’s dummies where frightening. I get the feeling that the character has been turned into a doll or marionette, but maybe that’s just me.

  6. mandy says:

    Goodness, Michael. My heart is beating a little faster by the time I finished reading. “…peering into my eyes, as though they were looking into my brain” ? That image was terrifying. Thanks for another great read 🙂

  7. J says:

    This had my heart pounding ….. very foreboding, and then the release … but …. not quite … as the threat is still just around the corner. Very, very nice!

  8. Bastet says:

    What a terribly great scary story … I was on the edge of my seat throughout and in the end was wondering … what could that strange humming sound be … really masterfully written!

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