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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #67 – Stepping Out.

The old man wrestled for days with the notion of a bridge in time. Was he fooling himself it might be better on the other side? After all, he had lived a long time, seen a lot of stuff, His … Continue reading

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My Wild Place

There’s a wild place in my yard Where my fairies hang out. It’s a place I go when the world gets too close, To sit with ‘friends’ discussing issues at hand. On one side is Gabrielle Ever wanting to listen. … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #151 “Collage 19” – There’s a Thief Beneath My Bed

When I was a child I thought of childish things Like a thief lived under my bed. My father offered comfort Told me there was no thief Hiding beneath my bed. But his words though consoling Never took away my … Continue reading

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“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ A Love Affair – Claire

My phone rang with Claire asking me to meet her at the bus stop. That in itself was unusual, as she hadn’t given any previous hint of wanting to meet with me. In fact she’d made it clear from our … Continue reading

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Poem 130 – Can it get any worse?

The pain is far greater than the meds. The meds give me the worst side effects All together I’m slowing unravelling Can it get any worse?   I lie in what was once my bed It’s now become a torturers … Continue reading

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Poetics on DMT – Dreamlike

Images confused, confusing Known locations, some mysterious People flit in and out, Childhood neighbours with string nipples Past students appear as if I should know. So much instantly forgotten. I wade, against a raging torrent Watched by wondrous watchers Why … Continue reading

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Poetics – Time and Time Again

You had to pick today to show up An untimely time if you’ll pardon the pun. As I awoke this morning I saw my share ebbing away, I need more but I can’t buy it. Fate has I believe Stepped … Continue reading

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Prompt #17 “Mercury & Ashes” – Mask

Is it mystery you convey? A life repressed Hidden A mask you hide behind? Are you concealing? Shame? Doubt? A life? I watch as you flitter from person to person A social butterfly The centre of attention. Nature has blessed … Continue reading

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Poem 124 – Stay a while.

Winds blowing Windows rattling Temp below 10 Shall I brave it? Shall I stay it? Warmth wins every time Sleep in, Have breakfast Find a spot out of the wind Sip my tea While my body argues with itself Sinus … Continue reading

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Magpie Tales – Heckle

I sat behind you every day Our classroom was a stifling place in summer Winters freezing, no heating in those days. So we looked to you for entertainment. And you delivered every day, Over the years you became expert In … Continue reading

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