My Wild Place


There’s a wild place in my yard

Where my fairies hang out.

It’s a place I go when the world gets too close,

To sit with ‘friends’ discussing issues at hand.

On one side is Gabrielle

Ever wanting to listen.

She reaches out into my soul

Nothing is ever a problem

Always respectful

Never a cross word.


On the other side is Izzabel

Always at play, mischievous

Provocative, provoking,

Poking fun daring me one way or another.

I’ve placed my fairies

On opposite sides of the wild place

As one does play against the other

but they are patient with me,

tell me when to pull my head in

should I get “too” playful.

But each knows when I am troubled

I can tell as they are quiet when I approach

They always listen

Before they share their wisdom.

I’m lucky I know to have fairies in my day…


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13 Responses to My Wild Place

  1. I could use a couple myself.

  2. You are indeed lucky! Both for a wild space and for fairies.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Love your poem. Such advice from either would be helpful or at least something to consider.

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