Friday Fictioneers – Why?


I remember coming home and finding my house ransacked.

I didn’t mind that my money was stolen, that the some intruder had violated my place.

What I couldn’t and still can’t stomach is the wanton destruction of my keyboard.

I looked at it on the floor, knowing it was irreparable and asking myself why?

Of all the things of value in my place, this small musical instrument held for me more worth than anything else.

I love to play, to sing, to entertain friends.

A simple pleasure destroyed.

Music is my life, my great love.

I still ask why?

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73 Responses to Friday Fictioneers – Why?

  1. Ye Pirate says:

    A value far,far beyond the monetary one

  2. Sandra says:

    I think you captured that sense of loss beautifully; in my experience, whilst you resent the universal loss/damage, there’s always one item that affects you more than the others. Well done.
    Fourth line typo – ‘asking myself why’ not ‘my’.

  3. Dear Summer,

    I once had my car broken into and my CD player stolen. Worse than the loss was the feeling of violation. You captured that and more with this story.



  4. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Summerstommy,

    People make me pro-nuclear. Nice, sad story.



  5. kz says:

    i believe i felt that kind of loss more than once. great job capturing the emotion. 🙂

  6. paulscribbles says:

    I like this very much and it has the musician in me is howling ‘They may take the keyboard but they’ll never take the music’ 😉

  7. Interestingly enough, I was just contacted by our credit card company and found out that our number was stolen and made into a fake card. We’re not responsible for the bogus charges, but it’s a pain anyway. Our older daughter had her car window smashed and some things stolen. I imagine she felt much like this. To some extent I can understand the theft but I don’t understand the destruction. You captured the hurt from that wantonness.


  8. Senseless destruction is the worst, since it doesn’t stem from anything remotely justifiable. You did a good job portraying the outrage and helplessness of that sort of situation.

  9. Sun says:

    you delivered profound sadness when one loses something valuable – i enjoyed your story. very realistic.

  10. mike olley says:

    I’ve never understood wanton destruction either. A sad piece.

  11. Cubby says:

    The story was so true-to-life that I almost forgot it was fiction and was about to offer you my condolences. Terrific writing. 🙂

  12. Brilliant – I’ve had my place broken into twice (two different places I lived over my life I mean, never so far where I am now and fingers crossed it won’t be) – you captured that feeling of bereft dismay wonderfully!! 🙂

  13. DCTdesigns says:

    I have been here. Thiefs causing unnecessary damage just for fun. Tearing my entire dashboard apart,stealing the remote only to my cd changer and my personal notebooks. Somethings are just plain wrong. Great story.

  14. PookyH says:

    How sad and destructive. I once had my car broken into and amongst other things my digital camera was stolen. I was more sad about the loss of the pictures sitting on the SD card than the camera itself. Some things are irreplaceable.

  15. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    It’s horrible when things are taken from us that go beyond monetary value. I still ask why myself.

  16. Sounds like this intrusion was personal. The money was simply icing.

  17. A los of any kind, a robbery, to know that strangers have entered and destroyed what people hold precious… no thoughts to their love or what they value in life. Written well Michael.

  18. you really did capture the feelings of the loss of a friend,
    Well done

  19. ly says:

    Broken music. Broken heart.

  20. RoSy says:

    Why anyone would break into someone’s house & steal is beyond me. ANd – to go & be destructive while at it – even worse.
    You captured sentimental value well here. Hope this has no truth behind it where your house has ever been broken into.

  21. pattisj says:

    We had friends whose home was broken into. It’s hard to feel safe again. You captured the emotion well.

  22. Broken, not even stolen makes the destruction even harder to bear… Very well captured.

  23. Ouch! The sense of violation after a robbery is truly awful, but the destruction of a beloved instrument– there is a crime! Clearly this break in was personal. Nicely done!

  24. That was a very realistic soliloquy. I could definitely feel the loss.

  25. Isn’t that always the way? A piece from the heart – I hope it wasn’t a slice of real life…

  26. Gabriella says:

    Destruction for destruction’s sake is always painful and leaves us wondering. Great piece!

  27. annisik51 says:

    One day I had my handbag snatched. I cannot forget the touch of the man’s hand – He stroked my palm, to get me to open my hand. Afterwards, I remembered that about an hour prior to the incident, I’d felt I was being watched, looked around, so he’d been stalking me. Creepy. I refer to his touch on my hand as ‘soft violence’. I’d honestly have preferred it if he’d slugged me in the chops!

    Anyway, after that speech, you conveyed the sense of violation very well in your story. And it was interesting you used the keyboard in that way. The burglar took stuff, but broke the keyboard, a great metaphor for the state of his creativity – bent and crooked.

    “Of all the things in my place of value …” I wonder if you mean, instead … “Of all the things of value in my place …”


  28. Yes, very well written and the horror of having an object of love – which our musical instruments are, and it could have been a priceless old Roland for all we know, it is just heartbreaking. I dread to think of anything happening to mine…

  29. Steve Lakey says:

    A very moving and powerful story. This captures the trauma that victims of crime can carry with them for many years.

  30. AnElephantCant help thinking it was your neighbours seeking peace!
    Seriously, Sir ST2, well written tale, excellent expression of pain and bewilderment.

  31. How sad to be violated like that and have someone intrude upon something so precious. You capture this very well in your story!

  32. Having had a car stolen I know a little the violation one feels. But to have one’s home ransacked would be so much worse. Its the ‘whys’ that can’t be answered that hurt the most in my opinion.

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